5 Easy Steps to Lose Weight

Do you feel like you went on a “bear” diet this winter? Eating and sleeping as much as possible and putting on extra weight for the winter months. Spring is almost here which means it is going to start getting warm enough for bathing suits and tan lines. You probably are now scrambling for ways to lose the weight before sporting that cute new bikini. I will share with you some ways that have helped myself and my husband.

First – Eating Right/Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy

I’m not saying to join one of the fad diets, or even eat bland cardboard tasting “diet” foods. Eating healthy and eating right is a way of lifestyle.

Here’s how to get on track with eating right. Instead of eating prepared meals, box meals, canned dinners and sugary or salty snacks, eat fresh foods.

Eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and white meats (such as pork or chicken) or fish every day.

Limit eating pasta and red meat to just once a week.

My husband and I started following these simple changes and lost 20lbs in the first month.

We like to follow a plan that was shown in the popular Food Network show Good Eats by Alton Brown.

Second – No Soda

Just cutting out soda and high sugar drinks and replacing them with water, juice and milk will help reduce some of that weight.

When we tried slowly cutting out soda we always found ourselves going back to drinking more and more soda pop, so we had to take a cold turkey method to completely break ourselves of it. Now the only time we drink soda is when there is not another option available, learn more.

It has been 5 years since my husband has drank soda pop and he grew up drinking the stuff as a kid. He will occasionally share a drink with me when we do go to fast food restraints, but we have also cut that out of our habits.

Third – No Fast Food

Stop, stopping at the fast food chains for lunch or a quick dinner. Bring your lunch with you to work. Tuna fish, sandwiches, even left over dinners from the night before. You will save yourself a ton of money and help slim down.

Some people rationalize eating fast food by saying “Well, I did but I ate from their healthy items”. Even their healthy foods are not as healthy as fresh food from home.

Reheating leftover dinners or putting your lunch together the night before, we put ours together while we’re making dinner, saves more time than going to the drive-thru the next day when you’re already running late.

Fourth – Walking

Start an exercise regiment by simply walking. Take a walk in the morning before work, at lunch when you’re at work, or in the evening instead of watching T.V.

Walking everyday with a friend of mine at lunch and right after work helped me lose weight and stay fit.

Wearing a pedometer will help push you to walk further and burn more calories.

Fifth – Stability Ball

The last thing that I do that is really easy to do, is to use a stability ball. We bought a program called Core Performance and bought an extra ball so that my husband and I could do the program together.

However, just sitting on the ball while watching your favorite, can’t miss, television program, or while checking your email or paying your bills will help strengthen muscles and burn fat. And it’s not hard to do at all – just replace your chair with a ball!