Artistic Video Editing

The vignette is a noteworthy artistic effect that creates a decorative border within the edges of the frame. Although the vignette is commonly used as an effect in editing, it is also the result of camera limitation. A camera lens, which is circular, is forced to produce rectangular images that span its circumference, fading the color near the corners where the light can’t reach. Here you find more article on Movavi Video Editor and can learn many effective tricks.

To create a vignette effect:

To create a vignette effect

1. Create New Item in Asset Bin toolbar, then select Color Matte. Choose the settings that match your video (resolution and fps from the New Session lesson). Then, click OK.

2. Choose the color for the vignette, then click OK. Type in a name for your vignette, then click OK. The title for your vignette will then appear in the Asset Bin.

3. Click and drag the vignette onto the timeline, but make sure to place the vignette on top of the video in the timeline so that the video can show through the vignette.

4. Lower the opacity in the Effects Control panel so you can see the the video a little bit.

5. Then, in the Effects List, choose a shape (in this example, a circle) from the Video Effects drop-down menu and drag it onto the vignette effect in the timeline. A circle will appear will appear on top of your video.

6. Choose the color for the circular vignette in the Color Picker under the Effects Control panel.

7. Then in the same panel, click the Invert box to flip the vignette to a small, circular cut-out of your video with the rest darkened.

8. Expand the radius of the circle in the Effects Control panel by dragging the the marker to the right until the vignette is to your liking.

9. Soften the hard edges by selecting the Feather drop-down in the same panel. Drag to the right to blend the edges of the vignette into the video.

Besides having artistic style, vignetting brings the main focal points of an image or video more into focus by blocking out the corners. If you are trying to take photographs like a professional photographer then you can edit your photos with this effect. You can also do this with your videos. Now a days, people not only take pictures with their smart phones, they also capture videos, so knowing how to beautify your videos will definitely help you.