Best Diabetic Brownie Recipe

Want to learn a healthy chocolate brownie recipe? This is the best diabetic brownie recipe in the world. This uses substitutions for your ordinary ingredients to offer a sweet snack idea that is easy on your blood sugar! And, if you enjoy this recipe, you’re in luck because dessert recipes just like this one are plentiful. You should also try diabetic cheesecake and diabetic fudge.

Diabetic Brownie Ingredients

Diabetic Brownie Ingredients

· ½ cup of unsweetened applesauce

· 1 egg

· 1 egg white

· 1/3 cup of cocoa

· 1 tsp of vanilla extract

· 2/3 cup of unbleached flour

· 2 tsp of baking powder

· ½ cup of chopped walnuts (optional)

How to Make Low Fat Brownies

1. In a mixing bowl, combine the flour, egg, egg white vanilla and cocoa.

2. Then add apple sauce and stir.

3. Pour mixture into an 8 inch baking pan.

4. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 20-25 minutes. Remove from the oven immediately and let it cool.

Low Fat Dessert Options

One advantage of dessert is that it is an easy brownie recipe. Including the baking time, it shouldn’t take more than forty minutes to prepare. The result should yield 12 servings. A second advantage is that it is significantly lower in fat than your traditional brownies. This makes for a sweet snack idea that is easier on the hips than other sweets. It won’t be terrible to pack it in a lunch for a youngster either. That, and you have the benefit of knowing where all of the ingredients came from and how the dessert was made, click here for more info.

Low Fat Dessert with Splenda

One caveat is this: you should make sure you use the ingredients listed in this recipe. While indeed they are substitutions to the traditional ingredients, they are necessary to make a truly diabetic dessert option. For example, the apple sauce absolutely needs to be unsweetened and the sweetener should be of the aspartame variety. This isn’t meant to be stringent, but to be true to the recipe’s intentions.

If you have multiple diabetics in your family, you can serve this for dessert at your next family gathering. Be sure to wow them with the newest recipe in your repertoire! You’ll be beating your relatives off with a stick! And maybe you’d like to make a little extra just in case you feel puckish after they’ve gone home.

Now that you know the basics, you’re ready to make the best diabetic recipe in the world. Enjoy!