Brushing Long Hair Painlessly

Tending to Tresses Without Stresses

Grooming Grief

My daughter’s hair is down to there,

I brush it every night,

Although some days, she’ll hardly care,

Most nights, we sit and fight.

Those tangles fill her flowing mane,

Like dredlocks, one big knot.

How can we keep it soft and clean?

“Ow, Mom! The comb is caught!”

Loving Long Hair

Loving Long Hair

Little girls, and many bigger ones, love their long hair. Most healthy hair grows about a half an inch each month. Those waist-length tresses can take an entire childhood to grow!

What special care is required? How do you brush it out without breaking those lengthy hair shafts that took years to grow?

Start With Shampoo.

Clean, well-conditioned hair is much easier to style. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Add conditioner, and comb it through all the way to the ends. (We keep a wide-toothed comb in the shampoo rack in the shower.) The ends of the hair need the treatment the most. After all, they’ve been hanging out there for years!

Towel-Dry Gently.

After washing and conditioning the hair, tip your head forward. Place a towel on top, and gather all the hair into one bundle with it. Blot the hair tenderly. Do not scrub and rub.

Air-Dry Whenever Possible.

Our busy schedules will dictate that we grab those hot-air dryers often enough. When you can afford the time, just let your hair dry on its own. Each time you give your hair a rest from the heat of electric styling tools, you give it a chance to recover. You can get fruitful information on long hair by checking website.

Comb Out Wet Hair.

Never use a brush for wet hair. Most people think this is the gentler choice. It is not. Use a wide-toothed comb, and gently comb through clean, wet hair.

Work Through One Section at a Time.

Parting the hair into small tresses and combing through each one separately is the kindest thing you can do for long hair. Holding a small section of hair, begin at the ends and comb downwards (never upwards against the hair shaft). When that length is smooth and tangle-free, you can move up the hair, and comb downwards from there.

Don’t Over-Brush.

Once your hair is styled, try to keep your hands out of it. Don’t brush your hair continually, all day long, as this encourages breakage. Brush it only when you need to style or neaten it.

Fight the temptation to grab, twist, twirl, and wind your hair. This is an unconscious habit for many, and the over-handling can harm hair.

Avoid Tight Accessories.

Rubber bands, metal clips, and too-tight scrunchies can also break hair. Sleeping in these is particularly damaging. Have you ever seen the ponytail-high line of split ends in an otherwise lovely head of long hair?

Enjoy Your Hair!

If you have really long hair, then you likely treasure it. Caring for it will preserve it longer and longer and longer!