Charmed Bracelet for Mother's Day

It couldn’t be any easier to make this charm bracelet as a Mother’s Day present. The suggested materials are very inexpensive as well. Use the extra time and money to choose charms that really reflect the interests, hobbies or causes supported by that special woman on your list.

This charm bracelet was made with cotton cord and silver tone charms purchased at Michael’s Craft Store – entire cost of the materials is less than $6. The brand name for both is Blue Moon Beads, the Heart & Soul line of products. This brand is available at many different craft stores.

Here’s the exact description of the materials used for this project:

Here's the exact description of the materials used for this project
  • Heart & Soul 8 yards of 1mm cotton cord. Don’t like the black? It comes in many different colors. 10 crimps and 5 clasps are also included so all components needed to finish the bracelet are included. This is enough to make five bracelets or necklaces. While you’re at it make one for yourself.
  • Six reversible silver toned charms. On one side these charms spell in English, Trust, Faith and Love. The other side has the Chinese character for the word.

Alternatively, any cord (suede, leather, linen) can be used. Of course, the array of charms that can be purchased is endless – to make this gift meaningful just make sure that the charms selected are invocative. And remember, the charms used to make this project are base metal which keeps the cost to less than $3. Sterling silver and karated gold charms are a costly addition to the project.

Here’re some suggestions for charms:

Here're some suggestions for charms
  • Use gemstones to spell out a message. An article has previously been posted that gives info on how to spell out ‘I love you’ using gemstones. Another article gives instructions on how to use bails to attach the gemstones.
  • Check out eBay. There are many wonderful vendors that sell specialized charms. For example, does Mom love sushi? Tie on some sushi shaped charms found on eBay.
  • For the hypochondriac, consider a whimsical arrangement such as Damien Hirst’s charm bracelet hung with metallic pills. Or on the flip side, for the vegan tie on some fruit and vegetable shaped charms.
  • Make sure the charms purchased have either jump rings attached or holes in the charms through which the cord can be tied. Italian type charms can’t be used for this project.

Still pondering your choice of charms? A quick visit to any craft store will provide more than enough inspiration. One will probably find it hard to make just one selection. Just remember, theme the selection of charms around the interests of the recipient. The next article in this series gives instructions on deciding on bracelet length, tying on the charms and tying the charms onto a sterling silver necklace chain. The last article is a review of the charm lover’s guide to charms, the book The Charm of Charms.