Decorating with Moroccan Furniture

Decorating with Moroccan Furniture creates an environment of magic and exoticness. The beautiful uniqueness of the carved lines, rich wood and vibrant colors used to create the look that Moroccan Furniture has is quite exciting.

There are several companies that export fine Moroccan Furniture making the products authentic and well made by local talented artisans. Whether looking for Living Room Moroccan Furniture or Bedroom Moroccan Furniture, the selection is vast and the quality is excellent, see this here.

Moroccan Furniture

Moroccan Furniture sports a design indicative of the region. In the case of Moroccan Beds some of the beds are made of rich wood where others made be made from decorative ironworks. One such elaborate bed is the Moroccan Iron Palace Bed, which is handmade in Taza. The bed is crated with the design of Moorish wrought iron all around the frame of the bed. Sporting an antique black finish the large stunning bed retails for $1400.00 from Just Morocco.

If interested in the Moroccan Furniture that is more of the rich wooden finish the Touareg Bed is the perfect example of a Moorish designed bed with unique African carvings throughout. This particular bed retails for approximately $3500.00 also from Just Morocco.

Moroccan Furniture tends to have lots of embellishments and so it is with their unique wooden tables. An excellent example of a beautifully embellished Moroccan Accent Table is the Zouak Painted Square Table available from Nine Seas Décor. The beautifully carved table is hand painted with geometric designs and displays the ethnic artisans Mosharabi woodwork. The table measures approximately 20″ long x 20″ high and 20 inches wide. Available in red tones the beautiful piece of Moroccan Furniture retails for $179.00.

If looking for other categories of Moroccan Furniture such as Chairs, Stools, Divans, Chests, Mirrors or Cabinets, there is a wide selection of beautifully made furniture. The Painted Wood Mirrors from Wunderley are beautiful accent pieces to add to one’s décor. One of the prettiest pieces of Morrocan Furniture from among the accent pieces is the Painted Mirror with Storage Compartment. The design of the mirror is unusual as are the embellishments. The storage compartment below the base of the mirror adds to the mystery of the Moroccan influence of the mirror. The retail price for this well-made mirror is $275.00.

There are several sources for obtaining authentic exported Moroccan Furniture. Several such contacts for Moroccan Furniture include Just Morocco, Moroccan Caravan, Nine Seas Décor, Wunderley and many others. For more information on authentic Moroccan Furniture visit the abovementioned Web sites today.