Determine if Medical Coding is a Viable Home Career

There is no career with more demand than one in the health care industry. It is a field that is growing by the day and offers the best job security. It also pays pretty well. Cashing in on the field by doing medical coding can be a great idea � but you need to determine if it’s a great idea for you. To know more about the medical coding, read here:

Think about initial investment. To do medical coding from home you need a computer, special software, and telephone systems or other special equipment that an employer usually won’t provide.;

Medical Coding

Think about taxes. Many medical coders are hired as contractors, which means that the employer doesn’t do a thing about taxes. Instead, you will fill out a W-9 and receive a 1099 at tax time. You will pay your own taxes from there and will need to save for it.;

Think about workspace. Most employers will want to inspect your workspace for safety so that they don’t get in trouble with OSHA.;

Think about benefits (vacation, sick leave, paid time off). You don’t have to be self-employed to be a medical coder, but if you are doing it solo you don’t get benefits. Many employers don’t offer work at home employees benefits, either.;

Think about training. Before you can land a job doing medical coding, you have to be able to prove you know the Internet well and can use the most common software. The only way to do this is to be trained on it.;

Think about schedules. Most people who do medical coding at home have families. How will you arrange your work schedule, and how will you make sure your family respects the schedule?;
Think about income wait. It can take a while � at least a year, according to the Small Business Administration � before you can expect to really earn an income. You will need savings in place to help you through the rough patches.

Check with your local library to see if they know about good, inexpensive computer training classes being offered in your area. Many groups even offer free classes. Every bit of training you can prove you have under your belt will help you start earning an income faster.;

Take the time to learn about computer security and to make your workspace safe. Even if you’re never inspected by an employer (but you probably will be!) you want to make sure that you have everything in place to be effective and safe.

There are hundreds of advertisements that ask for a large sum of money to get you started in medical coding. Check with the Better Business Bureau before you send out a single penny � because this field is growing so fast, there are a lot of scams out there.

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