Do Newborn Babies need a Night Light

When we talk about comfortable sleep for the babies, it also comes in the discussion that installs night lights in your baby room.

But there is also a need to get a proper understanding of Night lights in the kid’s room.  For example, when a baby needs night light and when to stop using the night light.

While finding the answer to the above questions, we conclude that age is a major factor for using the night light in a kid’s room.

Same time a question arises in our mind, should we use a night light in the newborn baby? There is a different opinion from different people about that question. We researched and found some answers for you, which we will discuss with you below the content. Stay with us to get more info.

Does a newborn baby need a night light?

Does a newborn baby need a night light

When it comes to using night lights for the newborn baby, the simple answer is “no.” Why I say no, let me explain.

When a baby is born, then the brain is not in proper functioning. Brain gets growth from outside of mother belly, and it takes more than four months to become complete.

So with research, it is found that babies are not reactive to their environment in the early days of their life. After four months, their brain starts responding to changes in their environment.

The major purposes of using night light are two; the first purpose is to keep your children safe from any fear in the darkroom. Simultaneously, the second major purpose of using night lights is to give them quality sleep.

When their brains are not responding actively again to the surrounding, the baby will not feel and fear the environment. So there is no need to have night lights to keep the baby protected from fear.

While in the second purpose for good sleep, the brain reacts against the dim lights and release a sleeping hormone, which helps to get early and deep sleep for the kids. But in the early days of the newborn, their brain is not responding well to the lights. So there is no benefit to having night lights in the room for your newborn baby.

Why do people recommend the use of night lights for the newborn?

As discussed above, there is no need for lights for the newborn baby, but people also use the baby’s room lights. Their purpose can be to perform their tasks properly.

Mother needs her child to feed or to change clothes at night. So if you have night lights in your room, it will be easy to change your newborn’s clothes and fee with ease.

But if we only concern about the newborn baby, then there is no need for night lights for the newborn baby.

Final Thoughts: Using night lights in the baby’s room is essential, but there is no need to have night lights when we talk about the newborn. You can install night lights for your ease, but there is no effect on newborn babies having lights.