Don't Be Sold on Being a Car Salesman

If you’re looking for a job, and you come across car sales… just keep looking. Yes, they’ll hire you, and you’ll gain some experience, but it’s not all it’s cracked out to be. They’ll tell you you can make a six figure income your first year, and that the job is easy, and maybe even give you some training…maybe. Let me give you some advice, if a job seems easy to obtain, then it’s probably not a good job. A lot of these dealerships will hire anyone because no one wants to work there, and the people that do get a job as a car salesman don’t last very long. And when I say they’ll hire anyone, I mean: criminals, people with no experience in any field, just about anyone. If you have a mouth and two ears, they will hire you, find more.

I worked at Advantage Toyota for three long months. I hardly made any money, I was abused by managers, customers, and my co-workers; and when I did sell a car I didn’t get paid my commission. Oh, and the salary was $300 a week and after taxes and considering the amount of hours I put in a week (60-70) I was getting paid sweat shop wages. You have to work in all types of weather, there are no benefits, and they can fire you when ever they want. At Advantage Toyota you always had more workers than customers. You could have twenty three salesman and have only five customers for the day; how can you possibly make money under those circumstances?

Car Salesman

Don’t get me wrong, there are people who are successful as car salesman, but they have no life. Let’s say a customer can only come in on your day off to pick up a car, then you have to come on your day off. Before you know it, you haven’t had a day off in a month. You know what, you can make that six-figure income, I was wrong, but you’re going to have to live at work to get it. And the salesman that do make that kind of money are miserable. If you spend a lot of your life at work, that’s fine, but only if you like it or some what like it . Why are you going to spend most of your life doing something you hate? I never ever heard a car salesman say they love the job. That’s like a liberal saying they love Bush.

So… do yourself a favor, if you’re a college student who just graduated and wants to get out of mommy and daddy’s house, or if you’re a salesman looking to change jobs, don’t go into car sales unless you plan to have no life, be abused, and be miserable. Sales is not for everyone. You have to deal with constant rejection, not knowing how much your paycheck is going to be, and a whole lot of abuse. But if you’re going to go in to sales, then your best bet is inside sales. Inside sales is where you have leads and customers inquire about your product. Outside sales or cold calling is reaching out to people that have no idea you’re going to call them or knock on their door. Either way in cold sales, you’ll have a lot of phones slammed on you and all sorts of doors. Good luck on your job search, and try to find the job that best fits you. And just remember this… car sales suck!