Egg Protein

Many bodybuilders and weightlifters eat eggs as one method of boosting the protein intake. Egg protein can certainly help in building muscle mass but it is also loaded with vitamins and nutrients. An egg in all of its simplicity and protein is the exact reason that muscles grow and become stronger. Protein is responsible for maintaining the muscle building process and its importance should not be underestimated. Egg protein has over six grams of high quality protein and has one of the highest concentrations of protein than other foods.

There is an astonishingly high level of protein in general in the body. In fact, protein makes up the majority of the body. Knowing that level of protein is in our body the necessity to maintain those levels become clear. Adding egg protein is an excellent way to provide the body with an atmosphere that promotes muscle growth. Bodybuilders and weight lifters have to be even more diligent in their protein intake. Protein fibres are often damaged with rigorous weight training and for that reason, a higher intake of protein is required. In order to experience less down time with sore muscles and tears, adding an egg protein supplement can be the perfect solution to increasing protein intake, click here for more info.

Egg protein is plentiful in vitamins and nutrients. It contains such vitamins as Vitamin E, A, and K and even packs a punch of the elusive Vitamin B12. Riboflavin and folic acid are present as well as every essential amino acid required for muscle recovery. The ingredients in egg protein also entice valuable minerals to be created such as calcium, iron and zinc. Egg protein is the one stop shop when searching for a good supplement that affords the body all of the essential vitamins and nutrients to promote a healthy body.

There is a huge myth that has circulated around the fitness field and that is the myth that egg protein is much too fattening. It is so high with fat that egg protein will surely cause a heart attack as though eating a dozen a day. Lets dispel that myth right now. The egg white of any egg has no fat content at all. This fact makes the egg white a wonderful egg protein option. However, the egg yolk does contain some fat. The egg yolk contains roughly five grams of fat. Only 1/3 of that fat are the saturated fats and the other 2/3 are unsaturated fats that are necessary and helpful for the body. Egg protein is also one of the most easily digested supplements available and absorb well in the digestive tract.

It should be noted as well that egg protein has been blamed for the rise in cholesterol levels. This is part of the myth that was circulating the globe about the downfalls of egg protein in the diet. There is no doubt that egg protein contains cholesterol but as a rule of thumb, egg protein is not responsible for raising blood cholesterol levels. Incorporate plenty of egg protein per day especially when building muscle mass and experience the healthful effects today.