Hoodies Can Be Worn All Year Round

Wardrobes change as the seasons do, but one article of clothing that can be worn throughout every season is a hoodie. Although hoodies have become more popular in recent years, believe it or not, they actually date back to the middle ages. The modern style of the hoodie that we’ve come to know and love was first produced by Champion in the 1930’s, but they didn’t really become popular until the 1970’s thanks to factors such as hip hop artist wearing them.

Hoodies are great because they come in all styles, colors, and designs. They’re versatile because they’re made with a variety of materials, making some thick like a sweat shirt for colder weather, or thin for milder weather. Some thinner style hoodies are even made sleeveless. Pull over hoodies are usually made with the thicker material and often worn during the fall and winter seasons.

sweat shirt for colder weather

Zip-up hoodies are usually made with lighter material, and can be worn during the spring and during the breezy summer days. Both styles are extremely popular to wear among teens and young adults because they can be worn instead of or along with a coat.

A hoodie is global article of clothing that has no race attached to it and is also cool for all ages to wear; something you can’t say about most clothes. Adults usually wear them for exercising, because two piece exercise gear typically comes with a hoodie and a bottom piece. Kids love them too, partly because many hoodies designed for kids come with cartoon characters on them. Parents love them because you can also purchase the already warm winter hoodies with thermal insulation, which really blocks out the cold. If you catch a sale at your local K-Mart, the thermal insulated style can sell for as low as $15. You can find hoodies basically anywhere clothing is sold, Available here. Most retail stores like Wal-Mart, Old Navy, and Footlocker usually keep each style of hoodies, thick or thin, in their stores throughout the year.

buying hoodies throughout

Consumers are better off buying hoodies throughout the opposing seasons for better bargains. For instance, thicker hoodies are usually marked down cheaper in the summer seasons because stores have to make way for the cooler inventory of clothing. Vice versa, the thinner style hoodies are usually evacuating store shelves during the fall and winter seasons to make room for the warmer style of clothing. If you wait until the cold weather hits to buy a pullover hoodie or a zip -up thermal insulated one, chances are the price has gone up.