How the Wii Fit Help Me Lose Weight

As of this very moment right now, my fingers are pressing down on these keys spelling out these words and are about to type these numbers: BMI = 31.54 Weight = 213.00 lbs

That is my body mass index and how much I weigh as of March 10 2009. I know it may not impress all of you. That’s OK. Because it impresses me and frankly, that’s good enough for me.

You see back in July of 2008 I stepped on the Nintendo Wii Fit and weighed 233 pounds with a BMI of 34.5. The last time I wrote down my weight from doing exercises on the Wii Fit I weighed 25.6 pounds with a BMI of 33.40. Now I know what you are saying, there’s no way that the Nintendo Wii alone made you lose that weight. And you would be right. It wasn’t the only thing. But it was the catalyst that got me going. It got me off the couch and moving around. It started this crusade I have been on for the last few months. And if it did it for me it may just do it for you.

Lose Weight

I started playing the Wii Fit to play a video game to be quite honest. But I really enjoyed the hula hoop, step aerobics, skiing, yoga, and all the other fun stuff on there. This innocent endeavor turned into something I tried to do everyday because it actually made me sweat and it felt good. But then I thought “wait a minute”. It’s making me sweat. How sad is that? You see in my prime years of high school I used to run miles upon miles everyday. I used to weigh 165 pounds. I was in shape. So having the Wii Fit make me sweat pushed me to do more. The glory days of high school were haunting me, read from the link.

So the Wii Fit encouraged me to do more. And that’s when my angel/friend decided she wanted to lose weight also and we began to play tennis together. That also made me sweat but I didn’t mind so much because at least I was playing a sport. And there is nothing that lets you know your alive like when you are sore from a previous days exercise. From there we began to run at the park. Not a lot but enough to make us tired.

Now let’s recap. The last time I weighed myself I weighed: 25.6 pounds. Now fast forward to today where me and my friend run 4 – 5 times a week (I’m training for a 10k run in May and the Mud Run in June), have started to lift weights, and have a boxing reflex bag (which is the best thing ever). My weight today is: 213.00 pounds and it keeps dropping. My clothes are baggier and I feel better. I still have a ways to go but the point is: I’m getting there. I’m headed in the right direction.

So if you need some kind of motivation. I suggest getting a Wii Fit. Or just start walking. Or join a tennis club. Or find your own angel. But get up and do something.