How to Add the SuperBands App to Your Bebo Profile

In this Bebo tutorial I will show you how to add the SuperBands app to your profile. This is a cool app that lets you add artists to your profile, listen to music, create your own skins, and more. In this tutorial I will show you how to do all of that. If you are new to apps, that is ok, I will walk you through installing and using the SuperBands app.

You will need to go to your Bebo account and login if you haven’t already. At the top of the page you will see the explore button. Beside the explore button you will see an arrow. Click the arrow and a menu will drop down. Click the apps link in that menu.

App to Your Bebo Profile

On the apps page you will see the search box at the top. Searching for the app is the quickest way to find the SuperBands app. So type SuperBands in the search field and click Search. When the search results return, click the title of the app.

The next page will give you a brief description of the SuperBands app. Above the thumbnail is the Try This App link. It is an orange button. Click that button to start the installation. On the next page you will need to click the Add App button to finish the installation.

The next page has links at the top of the box. Click the Home link. On this page you will see a box where you can type in your favorite artists. Separate the artists by using commas. Click the Save button to save the artist that you typed in the box. Below this box you will see your friends favorite bands and singers. Further down the page you will see the backgrounds that you have to choose from. Click the Save button beside the background that you want to use for your SuperBands app.

Now you can go to your profile and view your new app. To get to your profile from the page that you are on, click the Profile link at the top of the page. You will see that a new module was created for your SuperBands app. In the module you will see the different artists that you entered in the box.

At the bottom of the box you will see the drop down box. Drop the box down and select the artist that you want to listen to. Then click the Play button. Another window will open when you click the play button. Then the music will start playing. If you have dial up, it will take a while for the music to start playing.