How to Create Your Own Website for Free

The World Wide Web is unique medium where personal identity can be made loud and clear if you own a website. If you own a small business or you are an artist, or you want to render services through the Internet, or if you just want to make a personal website for yourself, you can build a website for yourself.

The need to have a website of your own is even more vital and requisite. In general, the question that scares one more often is ‘how to create your own website’ and if at all, we need to pay for it. So, how to create your own website for free?

professional to build your website

The answer comes simple. Not necessarily that you always need to hire a professional to build your website for you and pay for the services. You can easily get one done for yourself without having much trouble involved.

If you look in the web, you find various websites that provide free website development templates and easy guidelines. Ten easy steps for ‘How to create your own website for free’:

1. Visit the websites that provides free website development services.

2. Create an account by providing certain details like Name, Password, Desired Website Name (you can choose the appropriate name for your website), Email ID, Year of Birth, Country, Gender. Click on ‘Submit’ to follow the next step of creating your website, and learn more.

3. Choose a template from a list of templates already available to suit various purposes. The common types that can be found are, business, personal, art related topics. Other than this, certain websites also provide lots of amazing choices with different color themes and designs to choose from. Select one that suits your vision and needs.

4. Read and agree to the ‘terms and conditions’ that the particular site has set down for using their services. You can go through the section and click on ‘Create My Site’.

5. Select the package for creating free websites and get on with creating your own website. Usually, the site loader may take some time to load the chosen template after customizing it with the details you provided. Once your template is loaded you can get on with the nest step.

6. Add content to the required sections. The templates would guide you to write or paste your content in the marked sections. You can also customize the look and feel by changing the font size, color and highlight the text using the text editor provided with the template.

website by adding photographs

7. Jazz up your website by adding photographs, images and videos. You can also add links to your website by using the tool buttons provided in the screen.

8. Choose from the page options to work on the various pages you add to your website and add respective images and videos or music and finally save the content with a password.

9. Preview your website by clicking on the ‘preview’ option and edit or publish the final output as per your choice.

10. And, now you are ready with your own website.