How to Get a Student Visa

I entered in to the United States as a student in 2015. Five years have passed, I earned my graduation degree and a green card, after getting married and getting a job. Let me share my knowledge of student visa here:

The way to get a student visa in the United States is to first apply at a qualifying school and get a form called a I-20 from the school where you have been accepted. It is an exhausting procedure, but America is where dreams come true so it is truly worth it. The United States has numerous academic opportunities for foreigners who want to attend an educational institution in the United States.

Get a Student Visa

A student visa allows you to study in the United States while being a citizen of another country. It is a type of visitor’s pass which will expire once your study course has ended. The three student visas you can apply for are F1, M1 and J1. These represent different academic goals. F1 is for those wanting to attend a college. M1 is for those wanting to learn a trade or certain skill. J1 is an exchange student visa where a student from the United States changes positions with a student from another nation.

It is important to plan for your visa way in advance because it won’t be published for weeks and usually about three to four months before your program is scheduled to start. Non-immigrant forms (DS 156) which you will need along with your I- 20, can be downloaded from:

Once you have applied at a qualifying academy and have your I-20 and DS 156 forms, you will be interviewed at the United States embassy which requires a passport with a photograph. The financial costs involved in applying for a visa, run between $150 to $200 for application fee and insurance. Once your academic program is complete, you will have a month or two before you have to leave.

United States embassy

Finally, be prepared to answer personal questions about family and financial concerns. They want to make sure you can support yourself unless someone assumes sponsorship. But that will still need to be verified. You can also inquire at the schools when you apply as to whether or not they have financial assistance that you might be eligible for. Be sure to collect all of the documents you might need such as S.A.Ts or any other proof of education levels/accomplishments.