How to Get Your Security Guard Gun Permit in California

If you are planning to work as a security guard in the state of California then it is important to have a gun permit to work as an armed security guard. The requirements to obtain a California Security Guard Gun Permit are stringent. To qualify you must attend class and range training. In addition, those who pass must re-qualify several times during the two-year permit period. In order to obtain the card you must be able to pass multiple background checks including those conducted by the Department of Justice and the FBI . Participant may only attend specific schools to qualify.

Security Guard Eligibility

Security Guard Eligibility

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply to be a security guard. You will need to attend and successfully complete a 40 hour course, but you may be able to start work after eight hours are completed. You must submit to and obtain clearance by the Department of Justice and the FBI. On this level private operators generally teach the courses free of charge. To receive your card it will costs approximately $51 for it to be expedited.

Gun Permit

If you want a gun permit, you must attend a 14-hour class taught by a certified instructor at a Bureau facility. This class involves eight hours in class and six hours on the range training. Only Citizens of the United States who are able to pass the both the FBI and DOJ checks are eligible for the permit. The cost of the training varies. Fees for the permit start at $80. You must have already or obtain a regular guard card. When the in class and range course is complete, applicants must take and pass both written and skill exams in order to obtain the gun permit, read this post here.


Permits are only valid for two years. Permit holders must re-qualify four times in that period with a four-month wait between each. This is broken down into twice per year.

Limitations and Violation

A security guard may not have their gun on them when not on duty. They may not carry it as a concealed weapon. Permit holders must carry their permit with them when they have their weapon on their person. Further, you are only allowed to carry the hand guns listed on your permit.

There are certain things a permit holder may not do such as, carry the gun on them if they are intoxicated. They also may not brandish the gun in order to provoke a shooting situation.