How to Prepare for a Customer Service Interview

Preparing for an interview is no easy task, but every department in a company has its own nuances. Understanding the nuances of the customer service field and using this knowledge to prepare for the interview can provide a significant advantage for any job seeker. Here are three tips to help prepare for the customer service interview.

Answering Questions About Past Customer Service Experiences

Answering Questions About Past Customer Service Experiences

Customer service positions differ greatly from company to company, but they all have one thing in common: they aim to hire employees that can create a positive experience for their customers. Whether it’s on the phone at a call center or in person at a retail outlet, customer service candidates need to use the interview to highlight their ability to handle all different types of customers. They also need to show that these customer interactions are handled with a smile and positive attitude. To know more about the customer service, read here.

Job seekers should create a list of past customer service experiences, all with favorable outcomes, to share at the interview. This list should include experiences with handling angry customers and customers with major issues. The candidates should describe what the issue was, how they calmed the customer, and what techniques they used to resolve the issue and ensure customer satisfaction.

Discussing Ability to Learn the Product

In addition to good inter-personal skills, customer service representatives are valued for their ability to become very knowledge of the company’s products and services. The candidates should use the interview to discuss how quickly they learn new products and what techniques they use to inspire credibility and trust in their customers.

One way to showcase this skill is to do research on the company’s offerings prior to the interview. Job seekers can use the website or if feasible, become a customer of the company. Being able to fluently discuss what they’ve learned about the company while in the interview is a sure-fire way to impress the hiring managers and human resource personnel.

Rehearsing Common Role-Play Scenarios

Role-play is very common in customer service interviews. It allows the interviewers to witness how quick the candidates can think on their feet, as well as their approach to handling customer service scenarios. All job seekers in this field should arrive at the interview prepared to do well in these role-plays.

One way to ensure success in this interactive activity is to prepare. Candidates should practice role playing customer scenarios with family and friends prior to arriving to the interview. Their practice should include a wide range of customer scenarios and certainly some of the tougher ones they have faced.

By preparing for questions about their past customer service experiences, researching the company they’re interviewing for, and rehearsing customer role-plays in advance, the job seekers are sure to impress at the interview and land the customer service position they are seeking!