How to Wear a Wedding Ring for Men and Women

When it comes to a wedding ring, there are many ways that you can wear it. You could wrap the ring around your finger, on a chain, or even have it engraved on your hand. But if you want something more personal and unique, why not an artist has turned the ring into an accessory?

Wearing a Wedding Ring Is the Best Idea

Wearing a Wedding Ring Is the Best Idea

The idea of wearing jewelry as clothes is called body art, and some people choose to get this done for their wedding rings. Body art is often seen in tattoos, piercings, and accessories like necklaces, but when applied to jewelry such as rings, they become one-of-a-kind pieces of art that show an individual’s personality and style.

Piercing Options:

Body artists may offer three forms of piercing, but only one will suit your needs. A new hole will be made in your ring, and the artist can then either add a new piece or incorporate some of your existing jewelry into the design.

The first form is an extensive piercing which involves embedding small pieces of colored stone at various points around your wedding band. The piercings are usually placed to create a pattern classic for the different colors used. Piercing can also be done along the band to create a braided effect.

Another option is adding gemstones all around the outer edge of your ring to cover it completely and give it a more solid look. This results in a ring that looks like something out of a fairy tale! The artist may also choose to put gemstones all around your wedding apyrankes, adding an even more dramatic effect.

The third form of piercing is the most extensive, and this involves covering the whole surface area of your ring with small gemstones or crystals set so close together that it looks like one piece of jewelry. These pieces can be moved around to create a completely different look every time you wear the ring!

Engraving Options:

Engraving Options

The engraving of tattoos is done with ink absorbed by your skin, and the body art artist will then use needles to embed this link into your finger. This process can be very painful, so if you are not looking for anything permanent, it may be best to explore the other options. Another option is to have your ring engraved with words near the base of it. This can be done much more quickly than tattooing, and depending on what you want to be written, it will be much cheaper too! For example, you could have a special date or your name written down around the band that shows when you take off your ring.

Body art artists can also engrave your ring with words that are not visible when you wear it but will show up by touch. These special messages or phrases can be very personal and touching! For example, you could get the names of your family members written along the inner edge of your wedding band. Then, when you hold their hand, your ring will touch their fingers, and the words will be felt, bringing a smile every time!

If you want something really special, why not have your ring engraved on one of your fingers? This might sound strange, but it is a very elegant touch to a wedding band. Of course, this means that there won’t be any engraving visible on the ring when you wear it, but you will see words on one of your fingers when you look at your hand.

Many body artists will offer this unique service, so make sure to ask them about it the next time you arrange a tattoo or piercing for your wedding ring!


The final option when having a ring engraved is to have the inside of the ring engraved. The inside surface of the ring is hidden when you wear it and will give you a personal message that can be kept private from everyone else. This is an option that many people are choosing since it means the words are always with them, even if they want to remove their ring for some reason.