Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Review

If you’re used to bike in gym or fitness clubs and have been looking for a good bike to keep at home you may want to consider the Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle. It is a gym-quality exercise bike that excels over its competitors. To know more about this bike just read the following pros and cons.


Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

Assembling the Keiser M3 is not difficult at all. The assembly manual is clear and easy to follow. Even if you are not mechanically inclined you can still put everything together in about half an hour or so.

When it comes to build quality the Keiser M3 really excels. This is nothing strange if you consider the price tag and the fact that this bike is meant to be used in fitness clubs and gyms. You know how rough people can be when riding a bike. This little machine, however, can really take the beating. Every inch of it is rock solid and clearly built to last years.

The Keiser M3 comes with 24 resistance levels so whether you just want a relaxing ride or want some serious challenge this bike can give it to you. Since it uses eddy current resistance system the movement is guaranteed to be smooth and incredibly quiet. Changing between resistance levels is smooth and easy too.

There’s a built-in computer system that can track things like calories burned, heart rate, distance, rpm and time. It also has water bottle holder and anti-slip belt. The seat is comfortable and can be adjusted in four different ways (forward, backward, up and down).


Even though it is easy to assemble not all of the required tools are included so you may need to borrow them from your neighbor. It’s a shame that Keiser won’t include required screw driver and wrenches when cheaper bikes from Schwinn and Stamina come with all the tools required for assembly.


Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle is not made as “good enough” exercise bike for for beginners and average Joes and Janes who want to have light or medium exercises at home. This bike is seriously made for people who seriously want a high quality exercise bike. Judging from the $1,400 price tag it’s clear that the target market for Keiser M3 are gyms and fitness clubs. But if you want this one at home you won’t be disappointed.