MacBook is Better Than Windows PC

MacBook Diary: Learning Something New I can’t live without my MacBook! After only two months, I am in love. I am not tech savvy, but hopefully this account of my experience with MacBook will help other unabashed computer users.

Why I switch to Macbook?

My other personal computer, which is not an Apple product, crashed after only six years of service. Therefore, I needed a new computer. After six years of constant maintenance and updates, I was ready for a change. Considering my budget, I could not spend more than one thousand dollars.

My husband’s Mac has been running for fifteen years. He uses it regularly for lesson plans, creating exams and other classroom necessities. This fact alone got me interested in learning more about Mac computers.

Apple’s MacBook is leading the way in educating uninformed Internet users. I have been a Windows user all my life. In college, I chose Windows computers in the computer lab on campus every time. There were Macs available, but my comfort zone was with Windows. I didn’t know about many of the simplest desktop functions on my Windows desktop. Recently, I purchased my first Mac and it was like learning a new system or way of doing things on my computer. I learned to do things, which I now know can be done on my Windows computer. I also learned to do things which can not be done on my other computer. Thus, my education has obviously just begun.

MacBook users get free Internet service

I was traveling to different areas around my small hometown with my MacBook and children in tow, simply planning to write while my children played on the playground. I couldn’t imagine a signal would be available for Internet service. Sure enough, there was and I was chatting with my friends online (free of charge) while my children played on the playground.

Wifi is a wireless Internet connection. At this time, Wifi technology provides free Internet service to its users. MacBook has Wifi technology already installed. I couldn’t imagine being able to use the technology in the small country town where I live. I certainly am glad that I was wrong.

A MacBook desktop is similar to the new Windows Vista desktop. However, sitting with my MacBook (laptop) in my old comfy chair is much better than being at the computer desk in my small computer chair. The new Windows set up would have been my next learning obstacle, if it were not for the MacBook. Learning something new should not be uncomfortable. Therefore, I recommend an expensive chair to accompany your new desktop computer, or a laptop that is lightweight and can go with you to your favorite chair.

My Macbook Features

My favorite features that come standard in a MacBook are the built in “iSight camera,” Apple Remote, “Widgets” on the desktop, “iPhoto,” “Photo Booth” and “iTunes.” There are many more things that come standard, but these are my absolute favorites.

Writing can be a long, tedious process. Writers will hunch over a notebook for hours, hurting their eyes and their backs. With my MacBook, I can change the size of the text and it can go anywhere. The MacBook (laptop) has made my favorite hobby (writing), much easier to pursue at length. The basic model cost me $1,049 and that includes a $100 educational discount.

I am still learning and don’t claim to be an expert, but one thing I am sure of is the lack of maintenance I’ll be putting into my new MacBook. Laboring to extinguish viruses is virtually nonexistent! I don’t need to run a virus scanner every day, or fear that I’ll be infected with a virus, worm, spyware, etc… . Macs are known for their security and lack of constant maintenance. Many positive features await the tech savvy user, but I am enjoying the simplest necessities. If you’d like to learn more about MacBook, or other Apple products, visit the website and fill in the blanks: Good luck!