Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream

Social Media sites are a great place for golf fans to gather and watch The Masters. Lots of discussions are made on these forums from months before the tournament. You also can watch the upcoming Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream on top social media platforms.

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social sites today. And most Americans use Reddit. You can rely on all of these sites to watch the historic golf tournament, and the best thing is it’s completely free.

Watch The Masters on Facebook

Watch The Masters on Facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly the most used social media site of this era. And it also allows live streaming. Nowadays, many people gather on Facebook to watch their favorite sports events.

While most of the streaming services require you to pay or at least provide credit card information for a free trial, on Facebook, it’s free. This is why this platform is so popular.

You will find lots of pages and groups there related to golf. You just need to find which ones will stream The masters live and bookmark them.

During the game, you also can use facebook’s live video search option. Just type ‘the masters golf 2021 live streamin the search box, select videos, and then choose live. This will only work when the tournament is running.

Watch The Masters on Twitter

Another popular platform like Facebook and will allow you to watch the Masters Golf live is Twitter. It is mostly known for short status updates. But it also got different channels that stream sports events live.

You need to find the channels related to golf to get all the updates. If you’re busy during the tournament, you simply can check the live updates on Twitter.

You will also get different website links to watch the game and get updates. Just like Facebook, use the search box to find what you are looking for.

Watch The Masters via Reddit Live Stream

Watch The Masters via Reddit Live Stream

Reddit is so popular in the USA. Most people daily visit this forum. Though it doesn’t matter where you are, you can watch the game live if you have access to this forum.

Search for a subreddit that provides necessary information regarding the streaming. Then enjoy your favorite sports from anywhere.

Bonus Tips

These media sites are free to use. That’s lots of fake pages there that will stream old games saying it’s The Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream. So please find your desired pages before the tournament starts. Most pages will announce earlier that they are going to stream the tournament.

You can inspect a few things to know which channels are not fake. The page should have a good number of followers. It will have good engagement, which means the posts will have likes as well as legitimate comments and replies. Hope you got it.


In today’s world, we all have accounts on at least one social media site. And we daily visit these platforms. As the popularity grows, the service expands too. Tryout the above platform to watch the action-packed 85th edition of The Masters Golf Tournament.