MeElectronics M9 Sound-Isolating Earphones Review

Where there is color, there is sound. In much the same way that the human eye craves stimulation, so does the ear. A friendly voice, tranquil noises, music – any such pleasant stimuli can do wonders for the human spirit. As technology advances further and further toward the threshold of human imagination and understanding, so advances the medium for which it is delivered. The rise of 3D and HD visual formats has impressed many, but… where are the advancements in sound mediums?

MeElectronics and their earphones are often cited as the go-to example of impressive quality coupled with equally impressive price point. By no means are they the industry leader in sound definition, yet they fulfill the consumers’ need for an affordable, high quality earphone product. Do the MeElectronics M9 sound-isolating earphones meet that standard?

Earphones Review

The very first thing worth noting is that for a sophisticated pair of ear-phones, the M9 model is very affordably at around $16-$20. Some might head for Dollar Tree to purchase essentially disposable pairs of headphones- understandable though in the end more expensive in the long run when you consider that budget headsets tend to die after about a month. Those that want the functionality, accessibility, and quality of upper-end headphones without the bothersome price tag will be very happy and go here.

You may now be asking- “What did the manufacturers do to keep to that price point?” Excellent question! Here we reach the first issue with the M9s. The M9s aren’t much to look at. They come in only two colors (jet black and a crisp silver) and don’t leave much to the imagination. The M9 ear-phones aren’t ugly or unappealing to look at- they just aren’t that stylish. With the M9 model, practicality comes before beauty- a tough pill for some to swallow.

Now let’s consider sound quality! Listening to Finger Eleven, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, and Disturbed, (can you tell I’m an alternative music fan?) I found that the M9 ear-phones perform adequately for the most part. They don’t drastically dip in quality and easily outperform the practically disposable headphones you see at dollar stores. After getting through ‘Paralyzer’, ‘Lying From You”, ‘Animal I Have Become, and ‘Stricken’, I noticed something. My ear was starting to hurt!

Though very functional, they aren’t the most comfortable ear-phones. A softer speaker design would have cleared up that little issue. Worth noting is the nice little case included with the M9 model. This nifty little container was a surprisingly useful addition to the package- evening it out pleasantly.

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