Nootropic Ingredients

Brain toniq is the newest and most developed formula of energy drinks. It contains well researched ingredients that supply your mind with what it needs to perform faster and sharper. All the ingredients are of plant origin so you do not need to worry about the artificial ingredients stuffed in other energy drinks any more.

Our unique water supply

Our unique water supply

In brain toniq we chose to use the purest water supply, we searched a lot for the cleanest and purest water till we found the best water supply water supply in the country. We use water originating from a glacial lake in Minnesota that is purified through huge layers of granite then we pass it into a special purifying system consists of reverse osmosis filters and several sterilizing stages to guarantee the cleanest water that ever supplied in an energy drink. We have provided you detail about nootropic drink; if you want to explore your knowledge, look at more info.

Special blend of ingredients

Brain toniq contains different ingredients from those usually used in energy drinks. It contains the most expensive sugar in the market. Agave is not preferred by other energy drink suppliers because it is very expensive but we used it as it has the lowest glycemic index and it is the only certified sugar for those suffering from diabetes. We were keen to produce a drink that is suitable for every one, a drink that you can recommend to your friends regardless of their body status.

All natural ingredients

Our special blend of ingredients in brain toniq only includes all natural ingredients from plant origin. There are no ingredients coming from animal origin or even gluten. This is one of the secrets of success of brain toniq. Several ingredients could be replaced with less expensive artificial substitutes but we had to choose between safer product and cheaper product. At the end we know that people are ready to pay a little more in order to get a safer drink that really works.

Carbonated water

Brain toniq is slightly carbonated as it helps in delivering the ingredients quicker and has a role in vasodilatation which increases the blood supply to the brain resulting into more oxygenation.

Carbonated water

Unique taste

We used a blend of natural citrus fruits extract. It contains passion fruit extract, lemon and orange. This citrus blend offers a very distinct aroma that charges your body and an extra ordinary taste that your taste buds will like.

No caffeine

Most of the energy drinks in the market depend on adding huge amount of caffeine to deliver a false feeling of alertness. Caffeine has some draw backs as body builds up tolerance against caffeine when it is served in huge amounts on daily basis. It loses its effect and the only thing that remains is the burden it adds to your kidney. Caffeine is a powerful diuretic so when supplied in huge amounts could strip your body from water; this is a very bad side effect.

At the end we chose to offer you brain toniq as a really powerful think drink with a slight increase in price instead of just offering another energy drink like all the others in the market.