Self Motivation Techniques & Positive Attitude Tips

Overcoming Fear of Failure Why do we live life in a rut? Well, because we feel the need to feel safe and we never need to explain our lives. There is no need to take on the challenges of life and we can tell others that we aren’t hedonists like those other weird people who believe in self-gratification. We are good citizens and that is so important in our society. Let’s see what we can do to change the monotony. This could be exciting right? We can choose to do things we have never done before like buying a dress that just seemed too racy in the past. You never know, it just might rekindle a very boring sex life. We need to train ourselves to not want to explain everything we do. Sometimes we do something just because it is fun and we felt like it. Go dancing in the rain and when asked why, just smile and say that you always wanted to have fun like Fred Astaire and besides you don’t have to be a good dancer to do that.

Motivation Techniques

Do some things that you know you aren’t very good at and show people just how great you were at it, even if others would think it is badly done. Remember it is your opinion that counts, not theirs. Invite some people to your house that you would never have invited and talk to them about the things that you never quite understood. You might find that they are much the same as you are and you might find some really exciting new friends.

Go on an unplanned vacation. Just get in your car and drive. Stop at unplanned locations and do things you would never have done before. This will be quite the liberating experience believe me. Do something that would cause you to change a lot of things in your life like taking that job in another city and reaching for the excitement of the unknown. You will make new friends and you will probably find that life has much more to offer than you ever thought. It might feel wonderful to explore your abilities and to gain some satisfaction out of knowing that you are indeed capable of anything.

Do something that you know you will fail at. Remember my volleyball issues? Well, I do not play volleyball because I literally cannot do so well and I always feel like a failure after playing it. Well I am playing volleyball and looking quite inept and you know what? The earth has not cracked open and swallowed me whole yet. I am waiting for that to happen, but alas my fears seem to have been unfounded.

I now also share with others that we do not need to be the best at everything we do. We only need to have fun and enjoy the experience of our short lives. I do not want to have regret about the things I did not do because I wasn’t the best at it. I also think of why I always needed to be the best. I wanted approval from everyone else. We will never be acceptable to all people all the time, so I choose to live my life despite the fact that even some of my loved ones won’t understand or embrace my path.

Positive Attitude Tips

Whenever I find myself not wanting to do something because it scares me, I try to listen to my inner voice asking it to explain and I fight an internal battle with it now. Sometimes the new me wins and I try whatever scared me and sometimes I revert to my old habits, but at least I am moving forward. I am growing as a person and I feel good about that. It is hard and sometimes I feel like giving up because I don’t think there is anything more challenging than breaking every pattern or habit I ever lived by, but I know it is more than worth it and I would not change anything for the world. visit here: