Six Ways To Instantly Put More Spin On Your Golf Ball

When you’re learning to play golf, it’s all about the basics. But once you get past those, there are some more advanced techniques that can help improve your game. One of these is a spin on the ball. Achieving good spin will make your shots go straighter and farther by helping them curve in the direction they should go when faced with wind or other obstacles. Here are six ways to add backspin to a shot:

Use A Lofted Club

Using a short driver or even a wedge with less loft will cause the ball to spin more and roll backward after it hits the ground. Wedges have the effect of rolling more than other clubs because of how they’re made. When you hit a shot with a wedge, there are a lot of lofts that add to the spin, and these clubs have enough bounce to make the ball roll back farther than any other club in the bag.

Use Your Wrist Action

Use Your Wrist Action

A shot that goes straight and far requires a certain amount of spin, but you don’t want to over spin it. This can lead to the ball going too far, or curving in a direction you didn’t intend. To control the amount of spin, you want to use your wrist when you swing. If you turn your palm so that it faces down at the bottom of your swing, you’ll get more backspin. If it faces up at the bottom, there will be less spin on your shot.

Hit Down On The Ball

When hitting a chip shot, you need to strike the ball while leaning forward into your swing instead of standing up straight. Hitting down puts more backspin on the ball. It also helps give it a low trajectory to help bring it closer to the hole.

Adjust Your Stance And Grip

Before you swing, shift your weight back a little to increase the loft on your drive and make sure you’re gripping the club on the bottom of the handle where it is easiest to apply spin.

Go With An Over-The-Top Swing Path

Go With An Over-The-Top Swing Path

When swinging for distance, the normal curve of your backswing should be about 45 degrees going up before curving down again through impact as you bring the ball down with you in a straight line to maximize distance. The higher position helps get more spin by giving it more loft than usual.

Add Draw Or Fade To Create Sidespin

Use your golf club as a long putter to add spin in either direction on a chip or specialty shot off the green. The same grip and swing path apply, but hitting down at an angle will create a sidespin with an over-the-top hit and the opposite going up. Experiment with different angles to learn how much sidespin you can get.

You’ll have to practice using these techniques for them to become second nature before you tie them into your game during tournament play. But then you’ll find that putting more spin on your shots is one of the best ways to sink those putts for birdie when things are getting tense in the competition such as the Ryder cup live streaming free 2021! This tournament is the greatest golf competition in the world, and you’ll find that adding a bit of spin to your game can make it fun to play.

What Are The Benefits Of More Spin?

One benefit of more spin is that it will be easier to control the direction of your shots. With enough backspin on the ball, you can make a ball curve and reduce the effect of wind. You can also choose from over 200 different golf clubs. You’ll want to choose a club that is more appropriate for the type of golf course you are playing on.


There are six ways to instantly put more spin on your golf ball. Find out how you can get the most from each of them and what they mean for your game! We hope we’ve been able to help you find a solution that will make putting easier and improving your game feel like second nature. Be sure not to miss it!