Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream

Ice hockey is an unpredictable game. So, no one really knows who will win the trophy. The Stanley Cup Finals live stream will happen in July. After it finishes, we’ll finally get our Champion this year.

However, based on the team’s recent performances, we can make predictions. We can not be certain about any team. Hence, we will discuss a few teams that have the highest chance of winning the Championship Trophy. Let’s see if we have your favorite team on our list.

Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream: 2021 Predictions

Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream 2021 Predictions

The format of this year’s play-off is slightly different from previous years. Usually the postseason starts with 24 for teams divided into two conferences. However, this year, there are only 16 teams divided into four divisions. This is to reduce the number of total games due to the ongoing pandemic.

So, who do you think will come out on top in this traditional format? Let’s see what our experts think.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Last year, the Tampa Bay Lightning had one of their best seasons as they won the Stanley Cup Finals. Therefore, we think, this year, they also have quite a good chance to become the Champion. Till now, they’re doing pretty well in the tournament. Though they finished the regular season third in the Central division, they won in the first round of the play-off. In the second round, they’re facing the Carolina Hurricanes.

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche from the West Division is the favorite team to win this year’s trophy. They have qualified for the play-off with the highest points in the regular season. It makes them the President Trophy’s winner for the season 2020-21. However, in the first round of the Play-off, the Colorado Avalanche squashed St. Louis Blues advanced to the second round with a 4-0 winning record. So, don’t be surprised if you see Colorado holding the trophy high when the Stanley Cup Finals live stream ends.

Montreal Canadiens

If you’re a Canadian, then this should make you happy. It’s not uncommon that underdogs become the Champion. People considered the Montreal Canadiens underdog when it finished the regular season fourth in the North Division. But later in the first round of the play-off, they defeated the division Champion Toronto Maple Leafs. With this performance, they have made them worth being on the favorite list.

Boston Bruins

You may not have seen this coming. From the East Division, our experts say, the Boston Bruins have a pretty good chance to win the Stanley Cup Finals this year. As we told you earlier, ice hockey is an unpredictable game. So, no one knows which team strikes at the right time. In the first round of the play-off, Boston defeated Washington with a 4-1 win.

Final Thoughts

The more a game is unpredictable, the more exciting it is to watch. And we can say ice hockey never disappoints the fans. Above, that was our favorite list. Whom have you included in your list of favorites to win the Trophy? Watch the Stanley Cup Finals live stream in July to see who actually the Champion becomes. Best of luck to your favorite team in the NHL season 2020-21.