Teeth Whitening by Laser

Today, more and more procedures are done quicker and more efficiently by using a laser. Among the procedures now done via laser is that of teeth whitening.

While most people are familiar with bleaching teeth, not many people know you can have your teeth whitened by using lasers. This is ideal for those that like the efficiency of lasers and can’t stand the pain that comes with going to the dentist. One of the top reasons people choose to have their teeth whitened by using lasers is the fact that you don’t have the waiting period to see results that often comes with bleaching or whitening strips.

teeth have become whiter

After just a single treatment, you will see that your teeth have become whiter. The speedier results are in themselves are having people put down their whitening strips and turning to laser treatment. If you have an impromptu presentation to give, this may be your most effective method of whitening your teeth, look at more info.

The process isn’t as complex. The first step in laser treatment is having your teeth cleaned by a professional. It is vital to get rid of any plaque or other bacteria present on your teeth before having the procedure done. The end results depend largely on how clean your teeth are before undergoing the laser treatment. After the teeth are cleaned, a whitening gel is then applied to them. After this painless application, you will then be prepared to have the laser treatment done. The laser then comes into play as it quickens the job the gel is placed on to do. Without it, the gel would take much, much longer to get into the cracks of your teeth. However, with the laser, the gel is agitated and can begin doing its job almost immediately. For teeth that are discolored quite severely, it will take more than one treatment to get teeth the color you desire. If this is the case, your dentist will simply ask you to return for another session. However, this is for extreme cases only, and for those with only a mild case of discoloration in the teeth, a single session should do the trick.

Laser whitening does have its drawbacks

Laser whitening does have its drawbacks however. For example, the price you are paying for the convenience is more expensive than other teeth whitening procedures. These prices vary on the number of procedures as well as the doctor performing them. For this reason it is best to compare prices before having the treatment done. In the long run, it is best to save up money and have it done. The amount of money most people spend on whitening process over a few years time would equal that of this same procedure, so that is something to keep in mind before being scares off by the price.