The Art of Retro Decorating

A key factor of vintage style lies in the art of mixing of many patterns and adding a variety of textures. Creating this mix in a room without creating nausea requires a little bit of knowledge. Try these basic principles to help harmonize the ecclectic blends of vintage style. Remember to step back and look – sometimes the basic principles aren’t enough.

  • Vary striped patterns within the same color scheme around the room – for example, a wide stripe on a large piece with a thinner stripe in two or more places in the room. Add checks, toile, and solids in the same colors. Then add a few touches in solid, accent colors. It is recommended to visit site where you will get the retro decorating.
  • Accent with varied textures. A crocheted throw, a long shag or fur rug, sheer curtains, and textured organza pillows all in the same color thrown around the room are welcoming touches which invite the room’s inhabitants to feel and touch.
  • Don’t forget the walls when applying these principles. Paint applied in wide stripes near a rug or fabric of thin stripes harmonizes and adds charm. Textured walls of fabric, paint texturizing, wallpaper coverings, and wall hangings with texture accent, add interest, and allure.
  • Pair colors and patterns together. For example deep-plum (almost black) checks and toile in a room with solid, dusty, rose fabric and a dusty, rose toile. Then add a bright accent like an ochre shade, a red rug, or a violet lamp.
  • Do not confine an eye-catching pattern to one spot in the room – move it around. An overbearing floral curtain can be broken up by adding floral plates to a wall and floral cusions on a bench; or, add a large, floral painting across from the curtains.
  • Apply attention getting fabrics to smaller items and accessories. A black and white, red and white, or bright yellow can be on a pillow, lampshade, or vase as attention getting accents.
  • Add sparkling textures to accent: sequin pillows, beaded clutch purses, beaded lamps, and chandeliers. Try sparkle spray on sheer fabrics like curtains and pillows.
  • Combine flowered prints with the same ‘pallette’ of colors. Throw in a solid that picks up one of the common, yet less emphasized colors, among the different fabrics in a different texture like velvet, rayon silk, sequin, or beaded.
  • Bring swatches of rooms’ premiere fabrics and colors when garage saling, shopping, or hunting online for particular items and when stumbling upon bolts of ribbon at the craft store even though the errand was for glue.
  • Use an object as a repeated pattern like old cases (vary the sized from brief cases to suitcases on up to old steamer trunks) or various single blooms in a variety of glass bud vases. Just remember to move them about the room. A collection in one area and another here and there is a good example. When the eye becomes familiar with the object, the whole room is enveloped in a welcoming familiarity, nostalgic and vintage style, inviting one in to slip off shoes, nestle in, and enjoy a bit of oneself. That is what vintage style is really about. The style that welcomes a look, being noticed, even perusing and being loved. (The velveteen rabbit was certainly vintage!)

Ideas of Vintage Style Items and Collections to Display as a Repeated Pattern

Ideas of Vintage Style Items and Collections to Display as a Repeated Pattern
  • teapots
  • quilts
  • stacks of books
  • plates
  • wooden crates
  • orchids
  • dried flower bunches with ribbon