The Reasons for Detox Patch Become Dark

The idea of detoxing with a footpad or any other piece of apparel seems like it would be an easy way to eliminate toxins. Unfortunately, the reality is not so simple. Detox patches are supposedly capable of drawing out heavy metals and other substances from your body through your skin overnight. However, there have been studies on these products which found that they didn’t remove anything at all!

What Does the Color of Foot Detox Pads Mean?

Color of Foot Detox Pads Mean

When looking at the foot detox pad, it may be easy to determine what the colors are telling you about how well it is working. When you remove your foot detox pad in the morning and it is dark or discolored, this demonstrates that toxins are leaving your body through your feet. Lighter color indicates a lessening of toxin levels while a greenish tone tells you there is still some work to be done.

What Would Cause them to Turn Black?

The discoloration of the detox foot pad is attributed to the accumulation of toxins. The way the detox foot pad works is by drawing out toxins, such as heavy metals and chemicals, from your body. It does this through transdermal technology where it absorbs through your skin. The darkening on the detox foot pad can be attributed to these accumulated toxins on your body which would then be removed overnight when you peel it off and discard it. Check out the post right here to discover special info on detox patch if you are more curious.

What if They Turn Green?

What if They Turn Green

If you’ve used the detox foot pads and notice that they turned green after usage, this is an indication that there are still toxins present. The color change from grey to green means that the detox foot pad is still working and that it needs to be used for a longer period. You can use the detox foot pads until they become light grey or discolored before removing them from your feet.

What Color Should they be After Use?

When the detox foot pad turns light grey or discolored, it is a sign that there aren’t any more toxins to be drawn out from your body. It would depend on how many toxins you have in your body as to how long it takes for the footpads to become light grey or discolored. After keeping the detox foot pads overnight, they should be kept on for 12 hours before use and not longer than 24 hours.

What if they don’t Change Color at all?

If the detox foot pads are dark or discolored, it means that they are working to draw out toxins from your body. If they don’t change color at all, this means that there are no more heavy loads of toxins in your body which means that you may not need to use detox foot pads anymore. However, if you do notice any changes in your health before you stop using them, please consult a doctor. You could use them at least once a week or as advised by your health care provider.


Detox foot pads are becoming more popular, with some people claiming to have seen a difference when using detox patches and others saying it’s just part of an elaborate hoax.  If you’re still interested in trying them out for yourself, there has not been enough research done into whether or not detox foot patches remove toxins from our bodies.