Top Ten Forklift Safety Rules

Regardless of what you call them jitneys, hi-los, reach trucks, pieces material handling equipment are ubiquitous. Twenty years ago they were still a novelty, now there are an estimated 1 Million units in the United States alone.

This is a great tool in that can be used to post on doors, in break-rooms or where ever you see fit. Take a moment to edit to your facilities personal preferences and make this a standard form to be seen and read by all equipment operators, check over here.

1.) Wear your seat-belt on all sit-down forklifts at all times.

2.) Absolutely no smoking anywhere around MHE/PIT devices.

3.) Stop, look and sound horn at all intersections.

4.) Do not horse around on a forklift or use for transportation.

5.) Do not give rides.

6.) Ensure that the trailers are properly chocked before loading or unloading a trailer.

7.) Always perform a pre and post inspection of your forklift.

8.) Do not raise or lower your forks while driving.

9.) Do not raise anyone in the air with a lift-truck. 10.) Always park your truck in the designated area with the forks level and the engine off.