Used Chiropractic Equipment

Used chiropractic equipment can consist of anything from used tables to electrotherapy units to IST and water therapy tables. If your practice is looking to save on equipment costs, seeking out quality online vendors offering used equipment at reasonable prices is the number one way to do so.

What Types of Used Equipment Can I Buy?

What Types of Used Equipment Can I Buy

The used chiropractic equipment field can be a tricky one. When choosing to buy used equipment, make sure it is refurbished. Ask for details on what steps have been taken in the process of refurbishing. If the equipment is truly refurbished, it should come with a parts warranty also. Some vendors offer a choice of top upholstery colors and base colors. Discounted freight is also available from companies who ship large amounts of tables, find more info.

Tables aren’t the only pieces of equipment you can find when you shop online for used equipment. If your office has been looking for an affordable e stim unit, try searching for a refurbished unit. You can find digital multi-channel units online at up to 40 percent off the retail price of a brand-new unit. You can find larger, office-sized units, or smaller units for a portable or traveling practice. You can also find used stationary equipment. When brand new, at full price, these tables sell for thousands of dollars. It’s not easy to feel comfortable paying that much for equipment when you own a new or expanding practice.

Every dollar counts, and while you want to save as much as possible, you certainly don’t want to purchase equipment that’s of a lesser quality. The solution may lie in used equipment–you can buy name brand equipment, at prices that don’t even approach the retail sticker price. Depending on the vendor, you may be able to save more than 50 percent on a stationary table from vendors like Zenith. For example, you could purchase a Zenith table that’s fully adjustable with adjustable tension, an adjustable front section, and a tilt headpiece for less than half the list price.