The most widely used crushers are jaw crushers, cone crushers, and hammer crushers. Jaw crushers are the most common type of impact crusher used in industry. These devices are usually manufactured from cast iron and have very large crushing surfaces with a minimal number of moving parts. Cone crushers are more versatile than jaw or gyratory crushers, but they are less commonly used. Hammer crushers operate by using hammers that strike the material to be crushed.

What Types Of Primary Crushers Are There?

There are several types of primary crushers. The most common ones include jaw crushers, gyratory crusher hammers, stud mills, cone pulverizes, and imparters. Jaws are used to lower the material into a chamber where crushing or cutting occurs using shearing fracture initiation. Cone capacities for typical products range from 1-5tph operator control head up equipment with hydraulic system machine may be a hammer mill certain types of jaw crusher machine may not be a flywheel.

1.  Jaw crushers

Jaw crushers are mainly used as crushing equipment in the cement, chemical, metallurgy industries. Jaw crushers are called primary jaw crushers. The jaws move up and down during operation, pounding particles into a larger size which achieves more efficient use of resources. Jaw Crusher is the most widely used technology for materials processing core diameter range from 0 to 40mm material can be crushed to different particle sizes with half-open crown rotation speed ranges 4- 20rpm.

2. Gyratory crusher hammers

Gyratory Crusher is a type of our main crushing equipment. It can be used as secondary jaw crushers and tertiary imparters. It uses a knee joint to connect between the steel frame and the rotor base, armature inside consists of an eccentric shaft, spring guide along with shim plate, or rubber plate according to different material strength resistance. If you wish to find out further information on Gyratory crusher hammers, you must check out the post right here qimingcasting website.

3.  Bollard pulverizes

Boll are pulverizes such as jaw and hammer type pulverizes are special heavy-duty equipment for processing silica sand. It can process more efficiently than other types borders milling machines which due to the working noise .so we use bulk material firstly and then adjust bollard screen on it through tilting or rocking mills, throughput ability an extra spacing range is 0-2000mm and 5000pcs/hour.

4. Truck-mounted rock crusher

Truck Mounted Rock Crusher Owing to favorable design, the main application field is in the mining industry, road construction, EMC & other industries. You can supply all kinds of scaled size or aggravating materials such as stone rocks basalt marble etc. Accidental damages issues, so we apply lots of measures for separate truck or trailer from rock crusher, the material from barge/tank to the truck or trailer will not be damaged.

5. Horizontal Shaft Impactor

HSI is a new type of horizontal shaft impactor which is developed by our company with full-line products as jaw crusher, concrete reciprocating auger mill, and so on. HSI completely covers different hard materials such as concrete crushing (machines can process dense concretes), plastic & rubber grinding, iron ore pelletizing.


The crushers are the machines that crush the ore. The crushing process is performed to extract the valuable metals from the ore. There are many types of crushers, depending on their structure and function. It is very important to know how they work before you buy one.