What Happens if a Diesel Particulate Filter Clogs

When we talk about the diesel particulate filter, then we only think that the purpose of having the diesel particulate filter in the cars is only for controlling the harmful emissions in the air.

It is right, but it does not mean it only needs to control the black smoke and harmful gas emissions in the air; but it is also essential for the diesel particulate filter’s proper performance.

So for your vehicles’ proper functioning, you need proper maintenance of the fuel to keep your vehicle in a good performance. If you do not take care and the DPF filter clogs, it can cause much trouble for you,

We will tell you some of the common problems you can face if diesel particulate filter clogs happen in your diesel vehicle. Please read more here to know the details.

What happens if the diesel particulate filter clogs?

What happens if the diesel particulate filter clogs

Some possible things can happen when your diesel particulate filter does not work properly.

A higher quantity of black smoke and harmful emissions

A higher quantity of black smoke and harmful emissions

When the diesel particulate filter clogs and your vehicle is still functioning, such as at the clogs’ basic stages. It will start emitting more amounts of harmful emissions and very black smoke in the air.

It is harmful to the environment, and you may be fined by the traffic police for such violation if it happens to fix it immediately to protect the environment.

Loss of power

If there is a problem with diesel particulate filter clogs, the vehicle will lose power, and with more fuel consumption, it will give less mileage.

Due to improper combustion of the fuel, power loss, and it does not provide better results. It also causes wastage of fuel. We can say that the overall performance of the fuel economy disturbs when there is a problem.

Poor Response on slopes

When you drive your vehicles on the slope, it gives a poor response, and it becomes hard to cover the slope. Power consumption disturbs, which also affects the performance of the vehicle, pick up against fuel consumption.

Problems in Start of vehicle

It is also a common problem that when your diesel vehicle’s diesel particulate filter is clogged, it causes a problem when you start your vehicle.

When you need to go to your office in the morning, it becomes a challenge for you to start your car. You try it again and again to get your vehicle start.

Power loss due to heating during the drive

When your vehicle’s DPF has a clogged issue, your vehicle will stop during the driving; when the vehicle becomes heat, it will stop. You become unable to move your vehicle until it becomes cool.

Final Thoughts:

There is a close relationship between the diesel particulate filter and the performance of the diesel vehicle. It is not only to keep our environment, but it also affects the vehicles’ overall functions. If there is an issue with DPF, such as a clog, it can cause many problems such as power loss, quick heating of engine, start problems and more harmful emissions. There can be several problems with a clogged DPF; to knowing further problems, read more here.