Best Way To Use An Equine Massage Gun

The equine massage gun is a special horse hoof-shaped tool that helps horse riders to apply pressure to sensitive areas of the body. Its shape allows it to reach the soft tissue of the horse’s legs, shoulders, and especially its spine, without causing pain or discomfort.

How to Use a Horse Massage Gun?

How to Use a Horse Massage Gun

There are many horse massage guns available in the market, which vary in size and power. Regardless of their form, they are all meant to simulate a human masseuse’s touch without any risk of injury. They should never be used when the horse is tired or when you feel he/she has developed an allergy to certain oils.

The soft tip at the end ensures that none of your body oils get into its nose; otherwise, it can confuse them with mud splatters. Here are the best ways for you to use it effectively.

Equine Massage Gun Maintenance

Examine the Equine Massage Gun before and after you use it. Check for any cracks or troublesome spots on its surface, as these could inflict extreme pain to the animal when used upon them. Most of the time, users apply too much pressure on the gun resulting in a rough massage. To prevent any sores or bruises from forming at its surface, use it with caution and lubricate its tip every now and then by applying a little bit of oil or petroleum jelly.

Set Lowest speed

Start with the lowest speed to avoid accidental injury. To ensure proper hygiene, wipe off its surface every day before use. When using it on an unwanted horse, control your movements to prevent unnecessary trauma or further skin damage at sensitive areas. You can also ask a friend who’s well-ingrained in handling horses for help when you are less comfortable around the equine masseuse.

Use Circular or Alternating Motion

Use Circular or Alternating Motion

The most basic way to use the equine massage gun is in circular motions, which will relax muscles and release pent-up energy. To lay your hands on their pasterns with ultimate precision, alternate pressure between the two sides of its “body” using gentle circular movements around them. Although this method works well for horses accustomed to human contact (especially when riding), they may show signs of discomfort. So, if you are experiencing trouble with your equine masseuse or want to try something new, slide the pressure gently from the toe upwards along its leg.

Control Your Movements

The equine massage gun is easy to use, but precision is key. To ensure your strokes are smooth and gentle, practice by moving slowly at first so you can gradually increase speed as needed. Start with short strokes on smaller areas of the body before tackling bigger muscles using longer movements. Some users experience increased excitation in their partner animals after touching sensitive organs like hind legs or anus.


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