What is the Difference Between A Portable Wifi Router And Hotspot

Internet Access By The People:

People use the internet as main source in smart world. Where ever we go, first thing we seek is internet connection. Without internet the day will be like hell and our total source will get stuck at one place. So the companies offer many roaming free packages. If people travel wherever with in the country they can get the interruption free internet access. Because the companies will plant their network towers all over the country for better signal and communication speed. So we can travel all over the country without any hesitations. In company or office sides they will provide free waif connections to the employees. This can be used within the company site. Each and every person will do recharge their data usage. In homes we can use Wi-Fi connection, instead of recharging each and everyone’s data card. We can connect it through either wire or wireless service.

What Is Mean By Portable Wi-Fi:

What Is Mean By Portable Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a wireless network service which can be used in office and homes too. Here the Wi-Fi is secured by the owner of the network. Which has some passwords, if we need to connect to the server we need the password to access the internet. The owner can limit the members connected to the server and limit the data usage too. In company sides it is mainly offered to attract the employees and mainly company limit the data usage of the employee, so employees will be in alert that company is watching their activities. It is LAN service and secured thing. Because limited people only can access the service. In homes it is mainly used to limit the usage of net during the night times and it is cost efficient too. If we switch off the power supply, we can’t connect to the network. It is broadband service and can be taken anywhere as our need.

What Is Mean By Hotspot:

Hotspot is also a wireless network service and here we can’t access the internet as our wish. First we need to connect to the Wi-Fi server then only we can access data. Before connecting to the Wi-Fi server, we should know the password for the connection. It is not so easy to connect, because it will be full secured. Only in free Wi-Fi access we can connect the hotspot with ease. The free Wi-Fi connections are given only in hotels, restaurants, airports, malls, etc., By using this free internet connection the security level will be low because all will be using the same network. Because the hackers can easily hack our server by using the IP address. Hotspot cannot connect automatically, always we need Wi-Fi server to connect.

Difference Between Wi-Fi and Hotspot:

Wi-Fi and hotspot is same thing used for the internet access only. But there will be some difference between two.

  • We can connect to the internet directly in Wi-Fi whereas in hotspot we need one Wi-Fi device for internet access. By connecting to the wifi only hotspot can work.
  • Wi-Fi is completely secured service and hotspot is not so because hotspot is most used in public places.
Difference Between Wi-Fi and Hotspot
  • This Wi-Fi port can be taken to any place as we need but hotspot is not so because it needs another server to access.
  • Wi-Fi password can be change whenever we need but in hotspot we can’t do anything.
  • The speed will be high in Wi-Fi internet connection, whereas in hotspot the speed will be low because many people will connect to it.
  • Wi-Fi can be used whenever we needed but hotspot is not because we need some other to share their data.

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