Air conditioners are the best way to keep cool during hot days, but they’re also one of the most expensive ways.  It can be hard to justify spending so much on a machine that will only work for a few months out of the year. Fortunately, air conditioning is not your only option!

Differences between Air Coolers and Air Conditioners

There are a few differences between air coolers and ACs. Below are some of the more significant differences that can help you decide if an air cooler or AC is right for your needs.


Air coolers are much more affordable than ACs. In fact, air coolers can be as little as one-tenth the price of an AC.  Depending on your budget and how often you need to use it, these savings could more than justify purchasing an air cooler over an AC.

Energy efficiency

Air conditioners use a lot of energy to run, which is more prevalent during the hot months. On the other hand, Air coolers work less often than air conditioners, so the average person could save quite a bit of money on their electricity bill by choosing an air conditioner over an air cooler.

Noise level

AC units are loud as they try to keep up with the heat in your home.  When they’re running, you can expect an AC unit to create about 60 decibels of noise. Air coolers are much quieter, typically between 40-50 decibels when running.  If you have a large house or use an AC frequently, this can significantly benefit air coolers.

Portability and installation

These machines all come with different features and portability options, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re relatively easy to install and move around as needed.  Air conditioners and heat pumps tend to be heavier than the average portable Klimaanlage, so they’re trickier to move around.  The average air cooler weighs between 40-50 pounds, so one person can easily move them without much hassle.

Cooling power

An AC is designed to cool down your entire house, which means it has a lot more cooling power than an air cooler, which only cools a small area.  However, the larger your living space, the more likely you will need to use both an AC and air cooler for effective cooling.

Coverage area

AC units are large units that cover a significant amount of square footage because they have to cool your entire home.  Air coolers are smaller units that aren’t designed to cover as much space, but because there is less machinery inside air coolers, they can often distribute their cooled air more efficiently than AC units.

Water consumption

ACs are known for wasting water because they require so much coolant to operate properly, which means you’re left with a lot of condensation in the drain pan after each use.  Air coolers don’t use nearly as much water, and they also distribute their


We hope you learned about the specific benefits of air cooling and how it differs from ACs. Air coolers are also excellent for people who suffer from allergies or asthma since these machines produce fewer particles in the air than ACs. Contact us if you need any help selecting the suitable air cooler for your needs so we can answer all your questions in detail.