What to Do with Old Bed Sheets

Instead of just throwing out your old bed sheets, there are a plethora of fun and creative ways to reuse them around the house. Here are just a few clever ideas of how you can reuse your old sheets.

Old Bed Sheets
  1. Donate them- Donate your old sheets to a thrift store or homeless shelter, where they can be reused by other people. Animal shelters will also take old sheets to use as bedding for dogs and cats.
  2. Make rags- Cut the sheets up into smaller parts and use them as rags for cleaning projects around the house.
  3. Make stuffing- Cut the sheets into small chunks and use them to stuff pillows, comforters, and stuffed animals.
  4. Protect packages- You can cut the sheets into strips and use them in place of packing materials to protect fragile items.
  5. Pet toys- Cut the old sheets into strips. Tie the strips together to make dangling cat toys. You can tie them into a star shape, and tie the star to the end of a stick as a dangling toy your cat will love. You can also use the sheets to make rope bones or stuffed animals for dogs.
  6. Reusable wrapping paper- It seems wasteful to wrap gifts in paper, that will later be thrown away. Instead, use old sheets to wrap presents. The wrapping material can be reused time and time again.
  7. Protect plants- Lay sheets over outdoor plants to protect them from overnight frosts.
  8. Make curtains- Decorate the sheets with dyes and beads. Then use them as curtains in your home.
  9. Reusable shopping bag- Sew a bag out of the sheets that can be used as a shopping bag. You will be recycling the sheets as well as saving plastic shopping bags.
  10. Make a hammock- Construct a hammock out of the bed sheets. You can hang it from trees in your yard, to have a place to relax on sunny days. Or bring it camping in place of a sleeping bag. Just be sure to hang a tarp over you in case it rains, more helpful hints.
  11. Make a bath rug- Cut the sheet into thick strips and use the strips in place of yarn to weave a rug.
  12. Bed sheet yarn- The sheets can be cut into thin strips, to use as yarn in a variety of crafts and knitting projects. You can make purses, belts, jackets, etc.

Halloween costumes- Use the sheets for constructing Halloween costumes. The sheets can make a great cape or ghost costume.