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Are You Sure Your Downloading Is Safe?

There is always a possibility to download malware or viruses on the computer and no one is immune from it. Still, there are ways to protect yourself from incautious download and save your sensible information together with OS and crucial files of your computer. • Determine what you are downloading. Take into consideration that if…

Promote Traffic in Your Site

There are easy ways to promote traffic to your site especially if you have many friends. But if don’t have that would be squishy. There are legitimate sites that would help you promote traffic in your site. One of this is trafficg. I joined this site recently and there were a large volume of people…

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How to Prepare for a Customer Service Interview: 3 Tips for Candidates Interviewing for Jobs in Customer Relations

February 12, 2021
How to Prepare for a Customer Service Interview

Preparing for an interview is no easy task, but every department in a company has its own nuances. Understanding the nuances of the customer service field and using this knowledge to prepare for the interview can provide a significant advantage for any job seeker. Here are three tips to help prepare for the customer service interview.

Answering Questions About Past Customer Service Experiences

Answering Questions About Past Customer Service Experiences

Customer service positions differ greatly from company to company, but they all have one thing in common: they aim to hire employees that can create a positive experience for their customers. Whether it’s on the phone at a call center or in person at a retail outlet, customer service candidates need to use the interview to highlight their ability to handle all different types of customers. They also need to show that these customer interactions are handled with a smile and positive attitude. To know more about the customer service, read here.

Job seekers should create a list of past customer service experiences, all with favorable outcomes, to share at the interview. This list should include experiences with handling angry customers and customers with major issues. The candidates should describe what the issue was, how they calmed the customer, and what techniques they used to resolve the issue and ensure customer satisfaction.

Discussing Ability to Learn the Product

In addition to good inter-personal skills, customer service representatives are valued for their ability to become very knowledge of the company’s products and services. The candidates should use the interview to discuss how quickly they learn new products and what techniques they use to inspire credibility and trust in their customers.

One way to showcase this skill is to do research on the company’s offerings prior to the interview. Job seekers can use the website or if feasible, become a customer of the company. Being able to fluently discuss what they’ve learned about the company while in the interview is a sure-fire way to impress the hiring managers and human resource personnel.

Rehearsing Common Role-Play Scenarios

Role-play is very common in customer service interviews. It allows the interviewers to witness how quick the candidates can think on their feet, as well as their approach to handling customer service scenarios. All job seekers in this field should arrive at the interview prepared to do well in these role-plays.

One way to ensure success in this interactive activity is to prepare. Candidates should practice role playing customer scenarios with family and friends prior to arriving to the interview. Their practice should include a wide range of customer scenarios and certainly some of the tougher ones they have faced.

By preparing for questions about their past customer service experiences, researching the company they’re interviewing for, and rehearsing customer role-plays in advance, the job seekers are sure to impress at the interview and land the customer service position they are seeking!

Are You Sure Your Downloading Is Safe?

February 10, 2021
Are You Sure Your Downloading Is Safe

There is always a possibility to download malware or viruses on the computer and no one is immune from it. Still, there are ways to protect yourself from incautious download and save your sensible information together with OS and crucial files of your computer.

• Determine what you are downloading. Take into consideration that if you are downloading adult content or cracked programs the chance that you will receive malware or viruses is much higher. So if the file you want looks suspicious than there is a pretty good chance that it will harm your PC. To know more about the internet download manager, read here.

Downloading Is Safe

• Take a look on the site you are downloading from. If it is too simple and looks like a template then the files taken from there will be contaminated with great probability.

• Who is the author and the source of the file you are downloading. If you get a file from Windows, the chances that you will catch viruses there are really small.

• Look through the site – who else downloaded the file you want to? In most cases there are forums attached to the sites with downloadable files. Check whether there are complaints on the file – if there are no complaints, most likely that you will not have them either.

• Check the size of the file. Compare it with the size of similar files of that format. If it is too small – do not download it.

• Look on the file extension. Avoid downloads of ‘.exe’, ‘.bat’, ‘.pif’, and ‘.scr’ as in most cases when you try to open these executable files you will receive nothing than a malware on your computer. Pay special attention to the files with double extension like .doc.exe’ as such files are executable.

• The executable file should be licensed. Otherwise, if running of this file will not open a license warning, prepare to cure computer from viruses invasion.

Here are some tips that can help you:

Here are some tips that can help you

• Use add-ons like McAfee SiteAdvisor, Norton SafeWeb, and BitDefender TrafficLight that will block suspicious sites
• Use reliable and relevant anti-virus
• Search the name of the fie in the search engines – if there are problems with such files you will see them
• Use WHOIS site help to check credibility of the site

Promote Traffic in Your Site

February 7, 2021
Promote Traffic in Your Site

There are easy ways to promote traffic to your site especially if you have many friends. But if don't have that would be squishy. There are legitimate sites that would help you promote traffic in your site. One of this is trafficg. I joined this site recently and there were a large volume of people visiting site more helpful hints. That is truly amazing.

So how does this site works. It works with the form of credits or points. Points that you can assigned to any site of your own that you want to promote traffic. Every credit is equivalent of one visit. One is to one ratio. Compared to other traffic sites besides of scam it offers less than this ratio. So how will you be able to earn credits? You just need to click other sites available at trafficg. Or you can also have referrals to do the job for you. The many sites you view the more traffic you will generate for your sites or blog or articles. Or you can try their other programs that will give you more credits. More credits, more traffic. Yeah.

web Traffic

This is a really nice place to promote your site because they offer 30 second or more for viewing your site and it is totally free. This will help you to have more revenues and more income opportunities. Besides you can also surf here other advertisements and blogs or articles that would help you gather more information and other opportunities to earn and learn online.

Also, comedy goes a long way since the Internet is a great source for entertainment, which is why the video series called "Greatest Freak Out Ever" showing the supposedly real escapades of "Stephen" as recorded by his brother, "Jack," is a web sensation with tens of millions of page views.

What this data proves is that the importance of a topic is not always the key to determining prevalence to those searching for content online. If that was true, then the trend on Feb 10 at 11:36pm central time on Yahoo! would be about human trafficking instead of Charlie Wilson, a recently deceased US Representative.


Does this mean that writers should stop figuring out that self-employed middle class people are taxed at a rate of more than 40%, the meaning of Blaise Pascal's Wager, or information about important political figures? Of course not. But it does tell those who create content on the web that this article may get more traffic for dropping names like Justin Timberlake, Jessica Alba, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jenna Jameson, than for the phrase "how to attract more traffic online.

Nootropic Ingredients

February 7, 2021
Nootropic Ingredients

Brain toniq is the newest and most developed formula of energy drinks. It contains well researched ingredients that supply your mind with what it needs to perform faster and sharper. All the ingredients are of plant origin so you do not need to worry about the artificial ingredients stuffed in other energy drinks any more.

Our unique water supply

Our unique water supply

In brain toniq we chose to use the purest water supply, we searched a lot for the cleanest and purest water till we found the best water supply water supply in the country. We use water originating from a glacial lake in Minnesota that is purified through huge layers of granite then we pass it into a special purifying system consists of reverse osmosis filters and several sterilizing stages to guarantee the cleanest water that ever supplied in an energy drink. We have provided you detail about nootropic drink; if you want to explore your knowledge, look at more info.

Special blend of ingredients

Brain toniq contains different ingredients from those usually used in energy drinks. It contains the most expensive sugar in the market. Agave is not preferred by other energy drink suppliers because it is very expensive but we used it as it has the lowest glycemic index and it is the only certified sugar for those suffering from diabetes. We were keen to produce a drink that is suitable for every one, a drink that you can recommend to your friends regardless of their body status.

All natural ingredients

Our special blend of ingredients in brain toniq only includes all natural ingredients from plant origin. There are no ingredients coming from animal origin or even gluten. This is one of the secrets of success of brain toniq. Several ingredients could be replaced with less expensive artificial substitutes but we had to choose between safer product and cheaper product. At the end we know that people are ready to pay a little more in order to get a safer drink that really works.

Carbonated water

Brain toniq is slightly carbonated as it helps in delivering the ingredients quicker and has a role in vasodilatation which increases the blood supply to the brain resulting into more oxygenation.

Carbonated water

Unique taste

We used a blend of natural citrus fruits extract. It contains passion fruit extract, lemon and orange. This citrus blend offers a very distinct aroma that charges your body and an extra ordinary taste that your taste buds will like.

No caffeine

Most of the energy drinks in the market depend on adding huge amount of caffeine to deliver a false feeling of alertness. Caffeine has some draw backs as body builds up tolerance against caffeine when it is served in huge amounts on daily basis. It loses its effect and the only thing that remains is the burden it adds to your kidney. Caffeine is a powerful diuretic so when supplied in huge amounts could strip your body from water; this is a very bad side effect.

At the end we chose to offer you brain toniq as a really powerful think drink with a slight increase in price instead of just offering another energy drink like all the others in the market.

Top Ten Forklift Safety Rules

February 6, 2021
Top Ten Forklift Safety Rules

Regardless of what you call them jitneys, hi-los, reach trucks, pieces material handling equipment are ubiquitous. Twenty years ago they were still a novelty, now there are an estimated 1 Million units in the United States alone.

This is a great tool in that can be used to post on doors, in break-rooms or where ever you see fit. Take a moment to edit to your facilities personal preferences and make this a standard form to be seen and read by all equipment operators, check over here.

1.) Wear your seat-belt on all sit-down forklifts at all times.

2.) Absolutely no smoking anywhere around MHE/PIT devices.

3.) Stop, look and sound horn at all intersections.

4.) Do not horse around on a forklift or use for transportation.

5.) Do not give rides.

6.) Ensure that the trailers are properly chocked before loading or unloading a trailer.

7.) Always perform a pre and post inspection of your forklift.

8.) Do not raise or lower your forks while driving.

9.) Do not raise anyone in the air with a lift-truck. 10.) Always park your truck in the designated area with the forks level and the engine off.

Wind Energy Helps Shipping Industry Emissions

February 5, 2021
Wind Energy Helps Shipping Industry Emissions

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) environment meeting in April approved proposed amendments to reduce harmful emissions from ships, according to the article in the IMO News Magazine, “IMO Environment Meeting Approves Revised Regulations on Ship Emissions.” The IMO is a UN agency responsible for maritime safety and protecting the seas. The main changes proposed would see progressive reductions in sulphur oxide emissions from ships. The sulphur limit will begin at 1.00 percent, reduced from the current 1.50, and applies to emission control areas beginning in 2020. Subsequent reductions are also outlined for 2025.

These requirements to significantly reduce emissions to safeguard the climate are pushing shipping companies to find alternatives such as wind propulsion systems and traction kites.

SkySails Wind Power

Wind Energy Helps

The SkySails systems, which use large towing kites for the propulsion of the ship, have three main components: a towing kite with rope, a launch and recovery system, and a control system for automatic operation, according to the SkySails company information Web page.

The system works with the main engine as well as works as relief for the main engine. It’s possible for the system to reduce average annual fuel costs by up to 35 percent and fuel consumption cut by up to 50 percent. The company claims that “virtually all existing cargo vessels and new builds can be retro- or outfitted with the SkySails auxiliary wind propulsion system.”

KiteShip’s Kite Power

California-based KiteShip offers the shipping industry a way to reduce the CO2, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous dioxide released into the atmosphere, as well as reduce cargo ship fuel consumption by up to 25 percent, says Terry McSweeney in his article for KBO-TV San Francisco, “New Wind Power Tech Could Change Cargo Shipping.” KiteShip produces huge kites, roughly the size of a football field, that are big enough to help move cargo ships and oil tankers. These kites work together with a vessel’s engine to conserve fuel.

Tethered Flight Solutions More Cradle-to-Cradle

These tethered flight solutions are a more cradle-to-cradle environmental solution than installing systems that reduce emissions and cleanse exhaust gas. Obtaining catalytic converter systems is expensive and, according to the Skysails-for-Cargo-Ships page at, they “raise fuel consumption by about 3 percent because of increased resistance in the exhaust line.” The cleaning systems also generate a highly toxic residue that must be disposed of when the ship is at port. The cost involved in designing, fitting, and building vessels with conventional masted sails is what makes kites a better option. The cost of redesigning existing vessels for a masted sail solution is expensive and time-consuming. The kite solutions from companies such as SkySails and KiteShip allow vessels to be retro-fitted efficiently and economically.

Eco-Friendly Demolition: Building Deconstruction

February 4, 2021
Building Deconstruction

Most people are aware that most buildings―aside from select historic buildings that are purposefully preserved―have a life cycle. The typical lifespan of a building is usually several years or many decades, depending on the purpose of the building. Once the building has decayed and is no longer in functioning order, it is demolished. Each year, approximately 136 tons of waste is created by demolishing buildings. Fortunately, recent years has brought upon a new technique known as deconstruction.

Building Deconstruction ― What Is It?

Building Deconstruction - What Is It

According to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance Organization; building deconstruction is defined as "the systematic disassembly of a building [for] the purpose of recovering valuable materials for reuse." In a standard demolition, it isn't unusual for the contractor to salvage certain materials―specifically the windows, doors and in some cases; light fixtures. Then, the remainder of the building is knocked down (usually with a wrecking ball or bulldozer) and hauled away to a landfill.

In deconstruction, not only are the windows, doors and light fixtures salvaged―but the flooring, roofing, siding, pieces of the frame itself (whether the frame is steel or wood) and any other reusable pieces of the home are saved, reused and recycled; thus reducing the amount of waste that enters the landfills.

Cost of Building Deconstruction versus Building Demolition

Like many types of eco-friendly building, remodeling or recycling; deconstruction is slightly more expensive than traditional demolition. While this is unfortunate, many people are unaware that deconstruction may only be as little as a dollar more per square foot in comparison to demolition; and in some states, deconstruction may actually be cheaper than demolition, click over here.

For example, one study done by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) showed that the estimated cost of deconstructing a 2,000 square foot home was between approximately $4.50 and $5.40 for every square foot. Meanwhile, another study performed by a Hartford deconstruction project claimed that deconstruction cost approximately $2.00 for every square foot for deconstruction and $3.00 for every square foot of demolition.

Timeline of Building Deconstruction versus Building Demolition

Timeline of Building Deconstruction versus Building Demolition

One of the many factors of cost is due to the extended period of time it may take to deconstruct a building. Deconstruction of a building can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks; while demolition only takes a few hours.

The Facts

While many may feel that deconstruction is more expensive at the start, it should be noted that it is significantly more beneficial in the long run. By deconstructing a home, extra labor is necessary―thus boosting the economy and creating extra jobs. Deconstruction also reduces the amount of waste sent to the landfill. In fact, a single 2,000 square foot home can produce up to 6,000 board feet of wood that can be reused; which then saves 33 mature trees or 10 acres of pine. However, this is only scratching the surface of the benefits of building deconstruction.

If you're planning to build a new home or remodel your existing home; remember: building deconstruction is an eco-friendly way to reduce, reuse and recycle construction waste.

Understanding Toxins in Toys

February 3, 2021
Understanding Toxins in Toys

With all of the television coverage on the dangers of lead in toys lately, many Americans are speaking out against Chinese made toys. The fact is that China is not the only country creating lead-filled toys. In fact, toys that are made in the United States are just as likely to contain toxic levels of lead as well as other dangerous ingredients.

Many Americans believe that toys made in the United States are safe, but most products labeled as made in the USA are not actually made in the United States. A toy or other product does not need to be made in the USA, only finished or packaged here in order to be labeled "Made in the USA." Most of our products are made in other countries and labeled as made in the USA because they have been assembled here or stamped with a logo. The pieces are usually made in other countries where labor is cheaper.

Toxins in Toys

Wooden toys also may not be safe. Many wooden toys are painted with paints that contain lead or are varnished with toxic varnishes. Wooden toys may be carcinogenic if treated in any way. Natural wooden toys are the safest because they have not been treated or painted. If you choose wooden toys, it is important to know that the only toys considered safe are toys made in Europe, specifically Germany and Switzerland where strict laws and high standards ensure the quality and safety of their toys.


Plastic toys also contain high levels of toxins, especially soft plastic toys. High levels of lead, phthalates, and bisphenols leach from plastics as they age and are absorbed through the skin during play as well as the mouth if children suck or chew on these items. These carcinogens remain in the body for life and build up over the years, causing brain damage, cancer, and other disease. To date, no plastic toys are considered safe. Plush and cloth toys are not always safe. The cloth and filling are often made from plastics such as rayon, polyester, and acrylic. It's best to avoid plastic toys, especially for children who are still sucking or chewing on their toys, go to website.

Safe alternative toys include handmade toys from wool, cotton, untreated woods and non-toxic acrylic paints. Glass toys such as marbles are also toxin-free. Be wary of metal toys and plastics of any kind.

Learn How To Combine AdWords and Clickbank To Build Your Online Business

February 2, 2021
Learn How To Combine AdWords and Clickbank To Build Your Online Business

Google AdWords and Clickbank are two programs that seem to be meant to go together to help you expand your Internet-based business and generate an income. When you use these two services together, you will see profits begin to become greater and greater through time, because these two work so well together. All you need to do in order to jump in on the action is to set up your accounts with Clickbank and AdWords in the right way. It is important to learn the fundamentals before exploring the pros and cons of Clickbank and Adwords. As you are probably aware, Clickbank itself is an affiliate network that markets digital products to people. Various Clickbank affiliates have made quite a bit of money these past years, proving how well it can work for you if you start out doing it right. AdWords is completely different from Clickbank, as it is a direct marketing tool that allows you to drive targeted traffic to your site or blog for a price. The focus of this article will be on how both of these resources can work in conjunction with one another to increase your earning potential. The latest in keyword tools can be found at this IM Eye page.

Build Your Online Business

As you probably are aware, most online markets nowadays have been thoroughly saturated, as well as costs of traffic have gone through the roof. This is why you can’t lose a visitor once he comes to your website. Most folks make the mistake of depending on their traffic to go straight to the affiliate and buy something. They do not think about all of the customers who visited the website, but didn’t make a purchase. These people can certainly be turned into buyers if you are able to convince them to do so. This is only possible if you have their contact information with you, which is why you should always aim to drive your AdWords traffic to your landing page, instead of the offer, so that you can let them leave their name and email address. Once you obtain the customer’s contact information you’ll be able to expand your list and augment your sales making potential. This is the only avenue you have to get people buying, and be able to a growth in profits in the future. Once you have the list, you’ll have lots of opportunities to leverage it. One thing to consider in order to do this is to create your own product in order to produce immediate sales and results. Your goal with Google AdWords should be to cut down on your chances of losing money, and once you accomplish that you won’t be losing much and will have a much better potential for a profit, visit here.

Favorable outcome with Clickbank is dependent on your uniqueness from everyone else. Both the marketing strategy you choose and the product you decide on must be completely different from the others. Never think you should do what everyone else is doing. Remember, just because a products popularity is high, and it seems everyone and their brother are promoting it, doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. Your goal needs to be creating a selling point that is uniquely your own. Be aware the amount of advertisers who currently use AdWords for their own marketing purposes is tremendous. This is why you need to be careful so that you don’t go broke in 2 weeks. Have a look at this IMEye review page to see what is the latest in keyword research tools.

Following the above pointers using Clickbank and Adwords together will help you achieve success in your online business. You may make a few mistakes along the way but without taking some risks, you’ll never know the success you may achieve and the heights you may reach.

Charmed Bracelet for Mother’s Day: Easy DIY Instructions to Tie Charms onto a Cord Bracelet

February 1, 2021
Charmed Bracelet for Mother's Day

It couldn't be any easier to make this charm bracelet as a Mother's Day present. The suggested materials are very inexpensive as well. Use the extra time and money to choose charms that really reflect the interests, hobbies or causes supported by that special woman on your list.

This charm bracelet was made with cotton cord and silver tone charms purchased at Michael's Craft Store - entire cost of the materials is less than $6. The brand name for both is Blue Moon Beads, the Heart & Soul line of products. This brand is available at many different craft stores.

Here's the exact description of the materials used for this project:

Here's the exact description of the materials used for this project

  • Heart & Soul 8 yards of 1mm cotton cord. Don't like the black? It comes in many different colors. 10 crimps and 5 clasps are also included so all components needed to finish the bracelet are included. This is enough to make five bracelets or necklaces. While you're at it make one for yourself.
  • Six reversible silver toned charms. On one side these charms spell in English, Trust, Faith and Love. The other side has the Chinese character for the word.

Alternatively, any cord (suede, leather, linen) can be used. Of course, the array of charms that can be purchased is endless - to make this gift meaningful just make sure that the charms selected are invocative. And remember, the charms used to make this project are base metal which keeps the cost to less than $3. Sterling silver and karated gold charms are a costly addition to the project.

Here're some suggestions for charms:

Here're some suggestions for charms

  • Use gemstones to spell out a message. An article has previously been posted that gives info on how to spell out 'I love you' using gemstones. Another article gives instructions on how to use bails to attach the gemstones.
  • Check out eBay. There are many wonderful vendors that sell specialized charms. For example, does Mom love sushi? Tie on some sushi shaped charms found on eBay.
  • For the hypochondriac, consider a whimsical arrangement such as Damien Hirst's charm bracelet hung with metallic pills. Or on the flip side, for the vegan tie on some fruit and vegetable shaped charms.
  • Make sure the charms purchased have either jump rings attached or holes in the charms through which the cord can be tied. Italian type charms can't be used for this project.

Still pondering your choice of charms? A quick visit to any craft store will provide more than enough inspiration. One will probably find it hard to make just one selection. Just remember, theme the selection of charms around the interests of the recipient. The next article in this series gives instructions on deciding on bracelet length, tying on the charms and tying the charms onto a sterling silver necklace chain. The last article is a review of the charm lover's guide to charms, the book The Charm of Charms.


For any inquiries please email