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Customer Service is How You Connect with Your Customers

Customer service is a core component of every business, and it’s not something you can outsource or farm out to someone else. If you’re running a business, then you are the customer service representative. The duties of a customer service representative are many greeting customers and making them feel welcome, answering questions about products and…

Smart Ways to Calculate a Loan against Your Gold

Gold is a great investment, but it’s not always the most practical. Many people are looking for information on how to calculate a loan against their gold. There are several ways to consider, but in this blog post we will discuss how to calculate the size of the loan that you can take out on…

How to Get High Page Rank With Backlinks Creation Method

Backlinks – An Important Part Of Marketing Your Website Marketing your website requires some Internet savvy, and the smartest Internet entrepreneurs know that a strong system of backlinks will help them achieve their business goals. By supplementing your website with a series of backlinks, placed at strategic sites all over the Internet, you can boost…

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Customer Service is How You Connect with Your Customers

July 3, 2021
How You Connect with Your Customers

Customer service is a core component of every business, and it's not something you can outsource or farm out to someone else. If you're running a business, then you are the customer service representative. The duties of a customer service representative are many greeting customers and making them feel welcome, answering questions about products and services, introducing new services and products, resolving billing issues and preventing future problems from happening, recommending products that might be right for the customer's needs.

Introduce customer service

Customer service is about connecting with your customers. It's not something you can outsource or farm out to someone else. If you're running a business, it's your responsibility to speak with them on the phone, email, or in person if they come into the store. The duties of AI Customer Service representative are many greeting customers and making them feel welcome; answering questions about products and services; introducing new services and products; resolving billing issues and preventing future problems from happening; recommending products that might be right for the customer's needs.

There are many ways to listen well:

There are many ways to listen well

Ask good questions that show you understand their needs. You might ask them what they liked about the last time they spoke with a customer service rep or what helped them the most. How did that experience compare to others? What didn't they like about it? Would they do anything differently next time around? Do they realize there may be other options for them, but aren't sure if there's an option that would work best for their needs? Asking these kinds of questions communicates your interest in getting to know your customer, and will likely lead you to useful information that could help improve the service you offer. One important thing to remember is that you'll want to avoid asking leading questions. Leading questions can make your customers feel like they have to choose the right answer, and might close them off.

Know how each call will connect with employees personally

Introducing new services and products requires tact, care, patience, understanding, flexibility and most importantly good listening skills. You must be able to understand what would interest your customers, and be able to connect with them personally at that moment before you begin telling them what they want to hear. Don't worry about selling the new service/product until you've had a chance to connect with the customer on an emotional level first.

How often should I talk with my customers?

Whether by phone, email, or in person, communicating with your customers is an integral part of the customer service process. For a personal touch, you might schedule face to face time with them whenever possible. When connecting by email or phone, you'll want to keep in mind that certain types of conversations may require more than one contact to resolve. A billing issue might require several emails back and forth before the problem can be solved, for example. Staying in touch with your customers is vital if you want to effectively communicate with them about issues that arise at any point during their experience with your company.


When it comes to customer service, people want a human touch. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your existing customer service or are unsure about how much attention should be devoted to this area of the business, our team can provide some guidance that will help make sure you have everything covered. Contact us today if you would like more information on how we can assist with all things related to content marketing and SEO in order get better results from your online presence!

Smart Ways to Calculate a Loan against Your Gold

July 2, 2021
Smart Ways to Calculate a Loan against Your Gold

Gold is a great investment, but it's not always the most practical. Many people are looking for information on how to calculate a loan against their gold. There are several ways to consider, but in this blog post we will discuss how to calculate the size of the loan that you can take out on your gold.

Calculate loan on gold:

Calculate loan on gold

This can be calculated by taking all the money you owe and subtracting from that everything you have. You cannot take anything else into account, such as what any other loans or debts might be in effect when calculating this figure.

This is a good way to see how much you have left over for your own use. How can calculate loans on gold, it's very important to know what the balance of loans and debts owed are so that there aren't any surprises lurking in the future.

For those who like to plan, this information will be required before taking on any other debt, which can be a good point to start from.

How To Calculate A Loan Against Your Gold:

Calculate what percentage of the value of your gold to lend out as collateral and also calculate how much interest would likely be charged if it were an unsecured loan at that same percentage rate. This will give you two different rates (one which is higher). For example, assume 100% of the borrower's property worth $1000 was used up as security for loans with an annual interest rate at 12%.

Compare those figures in order to decide what percent amount should be lent against or borrowed from one's assets by looking at various factors such as affordability, liquidity level and more.

Some lenders will take more risk than others in order to make profits so they may have higher rates for unsecured loans which could prove helpful when comparing one lender's offer versus another.

Use an EMI calculator to calculate the cost of the gold loan:

Use an online calculator known as a “Gold Loan EMI Calculator" to calculate the total cost of your gold loan. EMI calculator is a online free tool available on the website. It calculates the monthly EMI payable against the Gold Loan in seconds. Read this guide for how it works:

  • Enter amount borrowed and interest rate (APR) into gold loan EMI calculator.
  • Click ‘Calculate Monthly Payment' button.
  • Use annual percentage rates (APRs), not yearly rates or compound APR; enter APRs without any percent signs, such as 11% instead of 110%; click "Next" after entering all inputs.
  • Input taxes which are also known as surcharges in the calculator; click "Next" after entering all inputs.


The process of calculating a loan against your gold is simple, as long as you are informed about the specific details. It's important to know how much gold you have in order to calculate what percentage will be used for collateral on any given amount that might come up when applying for a loan.

How to Get High Page Rank With Backlinks Creation Method

June 27, 2021
How to Get High Page Rank With Backlinks Creation Method

Backlinks - An Important Part Of Marketing Your Website

Marketing your website requires some Internet savvy, and the smartest Internet entrepreneurs know that a strong system of backlinks will help them achieve their business goals. By supplementing your website with a series of backlinks, placed at strategic sites all over the Internet, you can boost your rankings on Internet search engines, and up your visibility.

system of backlinks

The first step in creating a system of backlinks that really works is to write some articles about the goods and services you offer to clients. These articles can then be placed on Internet authority sites like iBlogger, and even Facebook! You can find countless places to post new articles, and you can then link them back to your website. Every time you add more content to a popular authority site, you will increase your chances of strong search engine rankings.

It may take some time to create content for these sites, but it is well worth it. By placing backlinks on popular sites, you will be able to reach a much wider base of consumers, and Internet “search-bots” will also note the additions, and increase your rankings.
Always consider new ways to place as many backlinks as possible around the Internet, and your website will have more hits and more unique visitors. You can use backlinks as a powerful Internet marketing tool!

Building a website is about more than just creating some code and uploading some pictures. It is about developing an Internet precence that drives visitors to your website and offering them more than they felt they would find. Backlinks give you, the webmaster, a chance to guide people to your work of art.

Businesses always want their websites to be in top rank in the keyword searches either it is google, yahoo or bing search. Ranking in top from a keyword search which will have millions of pages as search results is a tedious work.  Search engine optimization relies on the quality and number of inbound links for a particular website or keyword. Backlinks building techniques are widely used for obtaining a higher rank in the search results.

Normally the average persons look with a shorter keyword as search and mostly will not do the elaborate keyword searches. So the chance of receiving the most view for a site requires the website to be displayed in the top rank that means it should come in the first three pages of the search results. The better chance is when it is included in the top of the first page of the search result.

Backlinking proved to be a successful method for improving the page ranking. It may take some time for the rank for your website to be improved. It requires patience and dedication towards the goal. Great ranking can be achieved for every search engine through the technique of backlinks. It is the only way to achieve a top rank with a highly competitive keyword.

This can be created through various backlink creation techniques. Article submissions is the most popular and successful method. A search engine optimized article with the inbound links published in fact publishing sites like or will earn more reputation and higher page ranking. The other methods are popular forums and discussion boards. The links published in the popular forums will return more traffic to your website. It is capable enough of getting your page to show in the bottom of page 1 of google search result.

higher page rank

In total backlinks creation is a successful method for a higher page rank and article submission works to achieve this. Web hosting is easier with lot of free web hosting services in the market. But free webhosting will run own advertisement which is a drawback. Now a day premium web services are available for low prices. Some web hosting companies provide free credit for marketing. So start the backlinking process and improve your website's page rank.

How to Get a Student Visa

June 26, 2021
How to Get a Student Visa

I entered in to the United States as a student in 2015. Five years have passed, I earned my graduation degree and a green card, after getting married and getting a job. Let me share my knowledge of student visa here:

The way to get a student visa in the United States is to first apply at a qualifying school and get a form called a I-20 from the school where you have been accepted. It is an exhausting procedure, but America is where dreams come true so it is truly worth it. The United States has numerous academic opportunities for foreigners who want to attend an educational institution in the United States.

Get a Student Visa

A student visa allows you to study in the United States while being a citizen of another country. It is a type of visitor's pass which will expire once your study course has ended. The three student visas you can apply for are F1, M1 and J1. These represent different academic goals. F1 is for those wanting to attend a college. M1 is for those wanting to learn a trade or certain skill. J1 is an exchange student visa where a student from the United States changes positions with a student from another nation.

It is important to plan for your visa way in advance because it won't be published for weeks and usually about three to four months before your program is scheduled to start. Non-immigrant forms (DS 156) which you will need along with your I- 20, can be downloaded from:

Once you have applied at a qualifying academy and have your I-20 and DS 156 forms, you will be interviewed at the United States embassy which requires a passport with a photograph. The financial costs involved in applying for a visa, run between $150 to $200 for application fee and insurance. Once your academic program is complete, you will have a month or two before you have to leave.

United States embassy

Finally, be prepared to answer personal questions about family and financial concerns. They want to make sure you can support yourself unless someone assumes sponsorship. But that will still need to be verified. You can also inquire at the schools when you apply as to whether or not they have financial assistance that you might be eligible for. Be sure to collect all of the documents you might need such as S.A.Ts or any other proof of education levels/accomplishments.

Best Place To Buy Instagram Followers

June 23, 2021
Best Place To Buy Instagram Followers

Who doesn't know about Instagram? Instagram is an ultimate photo effect app for iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android phones. There is no app like it in the market yet and with every minute the popularity is increasing immensely. Instagram has taken over every photographer head in no time, not only photographers, every normal person who likes to take pictures. This app is not restricted to just professional photographers; it is for every individual who is finding of talking pictures.

It is a very user friendly app and it allows you to upload pictures taken by you in your Instagram account. The best distinctive feature of this app is that it filters your photo by adding a retro photo effect. Your photo gets a beautiful effect and that gives it a meaning. Instagram offers numerous effects and you can choose from them which suits your picture. People can follow you on Instagram; therefore make sure your account setting is set to public. If it is set to private, people won't be able to see your pictures, thus no will not gain any followers. Through tips and time you can gain a huge amount of followers, however, if you don't want to wait or you want more followers, there are several websites that offers packages for to you gain Instagram followers.

Best Website

Best Website to Buy Instagram Followers

They offer several reasonablepackages fro to avail from. Initially, this website offers three options, buy followers, buy likes and buy Instagram accounts. So to buy to will obviously choose 'Buy Followers', this website offers packages starting from $17.99 to $399.99 offering 1,000 followers to 5,000 followers. Moreover, according to your need and want you can use your package and the amount of followers that you want or could afford. It is an authentic website, it doesn't break any Instagram policies, they don't need to access your account, they never use fake accounts and they use authentic ways of gaining followers. This website has severed a lot of people hence making it name as one of the best websites to buy Instagram followers from. You can similarly few the options and packages for Instagram likes and Instagram account, if you are in need of it as well.

Boost Your Business

Boost Your Business Through Instagram Followers

To boost your business and to gain attention from Instagram users you can use this safe and reliable portal to buy Instagram followers. When people will see the huge number of your followers they will automatically follow you hence making you more popular and increasing the number of your followers. It is a fun app and even if you're a professional photographer or not you can surely make your name and get popular by buying Instagram followers.

Boost Your Business Through Instagram Followers

Best Website

There are several other websites as well, however stand out. It has satisfied it customers and created a place on the huge social medium. There prompt services and authentic work attracts customers. Thus, if you are in need of Instagram followers this reliable and efficient website is advised to avail from.

DIY CNC Router Kits Guide

June 22, 2021
DIY CNC Router Kits Guide

Are you looking for a solid diy cnc router kit? Well diy cnc router kits are a great way to go, and you can get a couple of really solid kits for an affordable price.

Zen Toolworks CNC Router

Zen Toolworks CNC Router

There aren’t that many of these kits around. The best cnc router kits I have seen that have reviewed really well and are a good price are the Zen Toolworks CNC kits. There is a 7 x 7 inch one here and a 12 x 12 model here. These are both well under $1,000, with the 12 x 12 model being only $700 regularly, but it is cheaper if you buy from Amazon.

What you need to run this router?

Also with the above cnc router kits from Zen Toolworks, you will need to get a 3 Axis Stepper Motor Driver to manage each motor, DC power supply(for the driver) and a spindle/cutter (a Dremel would work).

You will also need to have a computer that has the right ports to connect up the machine and your own cnc software. Cnc software can be expensive and cost much more than your machine, so please be aware of this. Add on top of this, cad software as well, and it starts to get very expensive.

K2 CNC Router

K2 CNC Router

Also another model that offers a 14 x 14 inch bed size is from K2. This diy cnc router kit is also a solid option, coming from a reputable brand. Be aware that the above is the frame only, and you will need to look into what else you may need, such as the bed for cnc, router bits and a possible enclosure if desired.

You may also need to look into the ‘Z’ direction travel limits for each machine. Some of these are rather low profile and do not have a lot of travel. This is the trade off for having a smaller machine, so you win some and you loose some.

Extra Tips

Here are some extra tips when you are thinking of any of the above or other cnc router kit option.

1. You can consider buying used, that way you will not have to assemble anything and may save on the total cost.

2. Look at free software to save on costs. Inkscape is a great piece of software that allows you to create vector based files for free, as the program is free (open source software – gotta love it).

3. Make sure you have the right extra parts. A lot of diy cnc router kits lack a motor or spindle/cutter. This will add to your overall costs.

4. Think about outsourcing if it is only a one off job. You can get some great companies that will do routing cheap, especially if outsourcing to places like China. I highly recommend manufacturing in China to see what offers there are for you.

My experience, as well as a few others I know, was with a company called GL Model which is based in Shenzhen. I used them for cnc of plastic parts and they had almost every finish available under the sun. They even sent me samples of finishes and it all ended up being a lot cheaper and faster (including courier) than if I would have done it locally back in New Zealand.

5. Check out our diy cnc machine resources page for more tips on where to get diy cnc router plans to build something from scratch.

Easy Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet Instructions

June 21, 2021
Easy Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet Instructions

Memory wire is a marvelous invention! Create your own unique one-of-a-kind memory wire bracelet using your favorite beads. The process is so simply you are going to want to make several for yourself and for gifts.

Things You'll Need:

Memory wire bracelet
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters


memory wire bracelet

Step 1 - Curl one end of the memory wire bracelet slightly with a round nose pliers.
Step 2 - Slide the first bead on the memory wire. Push the bead to the end of the bracelet with the small curl. Continue to curl the wire with the round nose pliers until the end is wrapped around the first bead.

Step 3 - Fill the remaining memory wire bracelet with beads until approximately ½-inch of the wire remains.

Step 4 - Curl the end of the wire with the round nose pliers. Slide the last bead into the curl. Continue to curl the wire until it wraps around the bead.

Step 5 - Cut off the excess wire with a wire cutter.

Create a sculpted look to the beaded memory wire bracelet by using different dimension beads. The sculpted look adds character and creates a beautiful conversation piece.

New Handwashing Monitor Bracelet Could Cut Down on Hospital Borne Infections

MIT Technology Review recently noted that a new device that shows health care workers when they have successfully washed their hands will help cut down on the 100,000 deaths per year that occur because of infections that occur in hospitals.

A new startup called IntelligentM has created a bracelet that vibrates when its wearer has scrubbed sufficiently. This will allow health care workers such as doctors and nurses to monitor their own cleansing habits and hospital administrators to determine who is washing up properly and who is not.

The way the bracelet works is that it reads a RFID chip at the hand washing station and uses an accelerometer to determine how long the health care worker washes. The bracelet vibrates once if the person has washed sufficiently and three times if he or she has not.

The problem of hospital borne infections killing patients is a serious one, according to an article in Scientific America. Besides killing 100,000 patients a year from illnesses that are often unrelated to the disease or condition that brought them to the hospital to start with, hospital borne infections adds $45 billion a year to health care costs. That is a much lives taken and dollars spent as AIDS, breast cancer, and automobile accidents combined.

The federal government is starting to crack down on hospitals to force them to address the problem. Not only are hospitals being forced to report the incidents of infections but their Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements are being tied to their success in alleviating them.

washing monitoring technology

Thus far three hospitals have started to use the IntelligentM hand washing monitoring technology, starting in December, 2012. Thus accurate statistics are as yet available as to how much using the devices have cut down on hospital borne infections. Furthermore some have complained that wearing the devices actually interferes with good hygienic practices as many health care workers wash up to their mid arms before seeing a patient.

Even so, because of the 24/7 nature of the technology and the fact that it is not labor intensive, the bracelets could be a new way to prevent many needless deaths and cut down on the cost of health care.

How to Never Loose the Socks in Laundry Again

June 20, 2021
How to Never Loose the Socks in Laundry Again

Socks are part of our daily outfits. A sock is often needed for any formal, casual or official preparations. So, if you have large families take extra care of it by avoiding loosing it again in laundry. It does not take longer time for learning this acts if you follow certain guidelines given below:

Purchase Zipper Close Laundry Bag

Purchase Zipper Close Laundry Bag

The first thing you have to start with buying a zipper close laundry bag. Find the bag in reasonable prices by asking others and taking hints from other buyers. These can be fancy and fashionable as you want. They range in price must not be very high as you have to purchase one for each member of your family. Notice whether the bag is proper size, length as well as takes reasonable prices.

Hang The Bag In The Doorknob Of Each Room

Hang out the bag in the doorknob of each member’s room. While socks leave from the feet goes directly to the mesh bag and zip to keep them until the next pair is ready for going on. The Mesh zip bag is used for these purposes from a long time and it gives effective result all ways. If you hang the bag either in open area or out side of the room the socks can not enter and place directly in to it. You can take any alternate option if mesh zip bag is not available by taking the similar workable bag, Read from the link:

Collect Socks And Inner Garments Separately

Make one load of entry entirely for socks and undergarments. Gather each mesh bag from everyone and put them directly to the washing machine. Be sure about the strain formula if required for that processing. If you do not separate under garments and socks it will mix with other big dresses and create problem at the time of strain and may stretch away the socks from its original length. If you want to make these process more effective and a little bit easier, buy all the same brand and color of your favorite socks and you not to take time for matching with socks for which is for whose pair. Look out the colors and separate if you think they might be destroyed in mixing with other inner garments.

Toss and dry

When washing is over toss the bags in to dryer and let them completely cool. Open the bags and match back the socks again. You need not to try a lot for drying it as the toss effect works like a magic and makes it dry within some times. Wait for couples of minutes to make it cool down and bring it for further matching.Make sure socks are completely dried before removing them from the dryer. The most important thing is you have o look after the manufacturer’s tips and instructions about washing and drying your clothes as well as your socks. Read them thoroughly before wash it in a laundry as per you’re your requirement. The guidelines of manufacturing of socks make you enabling take good care of it.

Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream: 2021 Predictions

June 19, 2021
Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream

Ice hockey is an unpredictable game. So, no one really knows who will win the trophy. The Stanley Cup Finals live stream will happen in July. After it finishes, we'll finally get our Champion this year.

However, based on the team's recent performances, we can make predictions. We can not be certain about any team. Hence, we will discuss a few teams that have the highest chance of winning the Championship Trophy. Let's see if we have your favorite team on our list.

Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream: 2021 Predictions

Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream 2021 Predictions

The format of this year's play-off is slightly different from previous years. Usually the postseason starts with 24 for teams divided into two conferences. However, this year, there are only 16 teams divided into four divisions. This is to reduce the number of total games due to the ongoing pandemic.

So, who do you think will come out on top in this traditional format? Let's see what our experts think.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Last year, the Tampa Bay Lightning had one of their best seasons as they won the Stanley Cup Finals. Therefore, we think, this year, they also have quite a good chance to become the Champion. Till now, they're doing pretty well in the tournament. Though they finished the regular season third in the Central division, they won in the first round of the play-off. In the second round, they're facing the Carolina Hurricanes.

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche from the West Division is the favorite team to win this year's trophy. They have qualified for the play-off with the highest points in the regular season. It makes them the President Trophy's winner for the season 2020-21. However, in the first round of the Play-off, the Colorado Avalanche squashed St. Louis Blues advanced to the second round with a 4-0 winning record. So, don't be surprised if you see Colorado holding the trophy high when the Stanley Cup Finals live stream ends.

Montreal Canadiens

If you're a Canadian, then this should make you happy. It's not uncommon that underdogs become the Champion. People considered the Montreal Canadiens underdog when it finished the regular season fourth in the North Division. But later in the first round of the play-off, they defeated the division Champion Toronto Maple Leafs. With this performance, they have made them worth being on the favorite list.

Boston Bruins

You may not have seen this coming. From the East Division, our experts say, the Boston Bruins have a pretty good chance to win the Stanley Cup Finals this year. As we told you earlier, ice hockey is an unpredictable game. So, no one knows which team strikes at the right time. In the first round of the play-off, Boston defeated Washington with a 4-1 win.

Final Thoughts

The more a game is unpredictable, the more exciting it is to watch. And we can say ice hockey never disappoints the fans. Above, that was our favorite list. Whom have you included in your list of favorites to win the Trophy? Watch the Stanley Cup Finals live stream in July to see who actually the Champion becomes. Best of luck to your favorite team in the NHL season 2020-21.

Prostate Cancer Screening: Early Detection of This Common Malignancy Remains Controversial

June 17, 2021
Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate cancer is the most common non-dermatologic cancer in men over the age of 50 in the United States. Over 200,000 new cases and approximately 30,000 deaths occur each year. (The Merck Manual, 18th Edition 2006:2052-54)

Although there are racial differences in the incidence of prostate cancer, overall men have a 17% chance of developing this disease sometime during their lives. Because prostate cancer typically occurs in older individuals and usually progresses slowly, men only have a three percent risk of dying from this cancer. Thus, it is often said that more men die with prostate cancer than from it.

Early Detection of This Common Malignancy Remains Controversial

Under ideal circumstances, cancer screening will detect disease at a stage when intervention decreases morbidity and mortality—that is, when treatment will improve both longevity and quality of life in comparison to untreated individuals who have the same cancer. Several cancer screening protocols have shown clear benefit in this regard.

Unfortunately, prostate cancer varies greatly in its presentation and behavior. Low-grade tumors that are confined to the prostate gland may not cause symptoms; indeed, they might never lead to significant disease. Once they are detected through screening, the side effects of treating these cancers (e.g., urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, bowel dysfunction) might outweigh any benefits, Visit for fruitful information now..

On the other hand, aggressive prostate cancer will eventually spread beyond the gland and cause bone pain. If these cancers are detected only after metastasis has occurred, treatment is of limited value.

Even though management of prostate cancer has improved over the past twenty years, there is scant evidence that intervention increases longevity in the treated population—a statistic that is no doubt influenced by the advanced age of many patients.

Improvements in screening and treatment methods might solidify the argument for routine prostate cancer screening. For now, a great deal of debate surrounds the utility of screening for this particular malignancy.

Methods of Screening for Prostate Cancer

  • Digital rectal examination (DRE): A physician inserts a gloved finger into the rectum and palpates the prostate gland. The examination is considered abnormal if the prostate is enlarged, asymmetric, tender, or nodular.
  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA): This blood test measures the level of a protein that is produced by prostate tissue. Most studies recommend a cutoff of 4 ng/ml as the upper limit of normal. Various modifications of this test (age-specific limits, free vs. complexed PSA, PSA density, PSA velocity, and race-specific cutoffs) have all been used in an attempt to increase accuracy.

Limitations of Screening for Prostate Cancer

  • DRE: Test interpretation is highly variable between examiners. Reliability is poor: 72-82% of patients undergoing biopsy based on an abnormal DRE will not have cancer, and 25% of cancers detected on biopsy after abnormal DRE are found in a different area than the palpated abnormality.
  • PSA: Due to elevations of PSA that occur with non-cancerous conditions (benign hyperplasia, prostatitis, urinary retention, etc.), less than one in three men who have an abnormal PSA will actually have prostate cancer. Additionally, 15-38% of men who do have prostate cancer will have a normal PSA.

(Wilbur J. Prostate cancer screening: the continuing controversy. Am Fam Phys 2008;78(12):1377-84)

Limitations of Screening for Prostate Cancer

Currently, expert recommendations for prostate cancer screening vary. Some organizations state that there is insufficient evidence to recommend for or against PSA or DRE screening. Others recommend offering screening to all men over 50 years of age who are expected to live at least ten years. Still others simply state that screening is unlikely to benefit men over the age of 75.

Until universally-accepted recommendations are forthcoming (two large trials are underway that may help to answer some questions), the decision to screen for—and possibly treat—prostate cancer remains highly individualized.


For any inquiries please email