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Free Online IQ Tests: Avoid the Scams

Here is another online scam to pay attention to. Free online IQ tests that require you to give out your cellphone number in order to receive your “results” from the test. These ads and pop-ups are showing up on Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The results are always the same when you take one of…

What’s in a Sleeve?

The most important features distinguishing your medieval dress from the rest are the sleeves. On a ‘regular’ dress the overall design is most important while the sleeves are usually secondary if there are any at all. But in a medieval wedding they could make or break you. The style and length depends on how much…

The Better Way to get Noticed on Instagram

People in this world want to be noticed by others and they do many things for that. At the beginning when there was not more ways possible to get interaction with many people, you can only contact the people in your city or country. People used to conduct the elections, so that they will become…

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Free Online IQ Tests: Avoid the Scams

May 1, 2021
Free Online IQ Tests

Here is another online scam to pay attention to. Free online IQ tests that require you to give out your cellphone number in order to receive your "results" from the test. These ads and pop-ups are showing up on Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The results are always the same when you take one of these IQ tests. You end up getting billed via your cell phone for a variety of things you have no clue about. The results from these tests are not even real, and are totally bogus and worthless. If you are serious about IQ test results, visit the iqnavi site for an accredited IQ test and results.

The way these other online IQ tests work is that after you take a short quiz, you have to submit your cell phone number for them to send you the results. Then you are billed for a $4.99 to $9-99 usage charge on your phone just for answering the call or text they send you. Another way they do this is by sending you a text with a pin number that you have to enter into their website to get your test results which then bills your phone. Some of the offers do have fine print that states you will be charged on your phone for various services. The problem is that a lot of kids see the "Free IQ Test" banner and want to try it just out of curiosity, then the charges show up on the phone bill that the parents are paying for. Sometimes you will get billed for recurring services of $19.99 per month for services you did not sign up for. (These include ringtones, membership charges, monthly IQ tests, etc.)

Here are just a few of the many advertisers you may have seen offering "Free IQ tests"

Free IQ tests


Free IQ Test

Cellfish media


Media Logic

Simply Hired


BG telemedia services

Too Lazy Alerts

Playphone Ringers

There is also quite an extensive list of IQ test grievances on detailing the ways these offers get your money. They are not free at all, and will cost you money and a lot of aggravation. Kids are a primary target, because they do not pay attention to fine print and details on the advertisements. Getting your accounts adjusted is almost impossible. Some fake online jobs even ask you to take a "free IQ test" but you end up with the same headaches as the banner ad offers.

Listed below are some of the complaints associated with free IQ tests:

Attempt to text cancel cost $4.99

Continued "service" after stopping

Unauthorized fees

Unable to stop billing

Auto renew billing

No customer service

Free trial costs full amount

Most of the cellphone carriers are listed as being hit by these charges, so check your phone bill for any unauthorized charges. The complaints listed include carriers such as Sprint, Nextel, Alltell, Verizon, etc. It may be best to avoid these free IQ tests altogether, and please tell your children to do the same. Just skip all the aggravation, and thanks for reading. Please see related informational articles in this online scam series below.

What’s in a Sleeve?

April 27, 2021
What's in a Sleeve

The most important features distinguishing your medieval dress from the rest are the sleeves. On a 'regular' dress the overall design is most important while the sleeves are usually secondary if there are any at all. But in a medieval wedding they could make or break you. The style and length depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice beauty for practicality and how many activities you have planned for the big day. Here are some common sleeve types and their practical advantages and disadvantages to help you better decide before you're stuck with last minute seamstress visits.

Queen Sleeves, Full or ¾ Length

Queen Sleeves, Full or ¾ Length

These are the sleeves that usually come to mind when thinking medieval dresses. They have a somewhat oval opening and drape on your arm while coming to a point at the bottom hem. If you are really ambitious you can get these designed with almost the same amount of material as the body of your dress! This is a very romantic look, and you better make sure you have some strong arms because it could get a bit cumbersome after a few hours. All that extra material is fun for pictures, but it's all that time in between where you have to actually use your arms to do things that may have you wishing you had been less eccentric. But if you aren't into the floor length, gets into the food look, than try a more reasonable ¾ length that you can push up to your elbow and stabilize while eating or greeting guests.

Double Sleeves

This type is just how it sounds, with a close fitting sleeve underneath a circular cut flowing oversleeve that flares out from your elbow. You can get the inner sleeve in a straight at the wrist bone style, or a v that meets at a point over your middle knuckle, find more info. These are very eye-catching and take attention away from the other parts of your dress, so make sure they are as beautiful as you had imagined. The inner sleeve makes these more easily adapted to daily activities, as you can push the oversleeve back and still have your arm covered in luxurious material. Another option is having the oversleeve slit down the top so the undersleeve is more visible and the oversleeve gathers below your arm; it's both elegant and stays out of the way. Plus you can see the inner lining of the oversleeve easier in this style, which will create even more interest to your appearance.

Bell Sleeve

Bell Sleeve

The bell sleeve is similar to the circular oversleeve explained in the previous one. The only exception is that the flare is usually mid-forearm or a few inches behind your wrist bone; many peasant shirts fancy this design. These aren't overly ornate unless they are made from a different, flashy material than the body of your dress. If you want most of the attention to be on the dress itself rather than just the sleeves, this is your best option. It's better to end the bell hem at the wrist or no more than an inch onto your hand or you'll have trouble keeping it in place when attempting to do any fine detail work (such as eating soup without mopping it up with your sleeve excess).

What Material Should I Choose?

If your dress is made of silk, than you should likely match it with silk sleeves. However, velvet dresses can be more versatile this way. You can get the dress made in velvet, but the sleeves in anything from satin to brocade to shantung. Even a soft flowing sheer chiffon can go nicely with the liquid feel of velvet. Don' forget about embroidered or printed silks and brocades; either can spruce up your look instantly. So don't limit yourself to getting a dress of all the same material-your possibilities are as close as a look at your local fabric store.

The Better Way to get Noticed on Instagram

April 20, 2021
The Better Way to get Noticed on Instagram

People in this world want to be noticed by others and they do many things for that. At the beginning when there was not more ways possible to get interaction with many people, you can only contact the people in your city or country. People used to conduct the elections, so that they will become popular. Well the elections were not only conducted to gain popularity, but also to become a leader and lead the people in certain ways. The people who stand in the elections have to work to maintain their position. Then the era of the internet began. With which the creative mind of people has created the social network, where people come and express their views about anything. They share something with a group of people on the social media.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking website created for android and iOS devices. You have to download the app available for free on the store. You can easily use this to share the photos of you or anything you want to. You have to create an account on the website and start exploring the features of the website. You can directly upload your photos from your mobile device camera. There are several ways to express yourself over the website in the Instagram. You can use the perfect edited photographs, edited by the inbuilt editor on the Instagram app. Use these edited images to express the different feelings and emotions of the people. There are real people who can see your posts, make it worth to get noticed. You can connect with your friends and other people available on Instagram by following them, liking their photographs and posts. As the number of followers and likes increases on your posts and page, the more popular you become.

How to get the number of likes and follows?

How to get the number of likes and follows

There are two ways of getting more number of likes and followers for your posts and page. One of the ways is by waiting long enough and constantly getting noticed by the people, this will take time. The time taken in this process is much more than you think and you will get irritated sometimes if you didn’t get the likes and followers. The other way says that, you can buy the number of likes and followers on your Instagram page and posts. By this method you can get the number of people, likes and follows on Instagram. If you are a businessman and want to promote your business, this is one of the best way of doing it. The more likes and followers you get, the more popular you become. You will be charged for this service. There are people who can help you get the likes and followers. They will be real people who will like your post and follow your page. The charges are high, but that is worth it. If you are a businessman, consider it as the money invested in marketing your business. You can always get popular without buying the likes and follows, but you will have to wait much longer for that.

Smart Ways to Buy Your Car in Present Economic Conditions

April 19, 2021
Smart Ways to Buy Your Car in Present Economic Conditions

Even though the U.S. economy is undergoing a rough patch, it has opened a pocket of opportunities for buying value new or used cars. The auto dealers across the country hold a ready inventory of cars from different manufacturers. Before actually acting on your decision on your purchase of a new or used car, do a little bit of homework on prevailing rates and condition of auto-financing, the methods by which the dealers determine the purchase value of your existing car and the mechanical and technical efficiencies of the car, new or used, which you intend to purchase.

Financing your Car:

Financing your Car

People's accessibility to buy a car increases when they can opt for some type of financing. Almost all the auto dealers have an in-house financial arrangement which disseminates information on the terms and conditions of the finance being offered. Though your credit rating plays a role in obtaining finance, given the current economic conditions, the dealers may not insist that you should have a flawless credit rating to become eligible for getting a loan. Since they have surplus funds with them, auto dealers would not mind a few minuses here and there in your credit.

Still if your credit rating does not entitle you for the purchase of a new car, do not lose hope as you can always look for good deals to buy used cars. Attractive deals of used cars could be found if you do some research and by searching for them at the right places. A used car does not mean the car is as old as the term implies; it merely states that it is a second hand vehicle. You may be able to find almost a new car in a secondhand condition. It is also possible that the car may be older in terms of years from the date of manufacturing, but can still be new, if it has run a lower mileage. Since used cars are less expensive, it may be possible for you to buy with a lesser quantum of finance or by paying the full payment thus avoiding the need for financing completely.

The Ways Car Dealers Determine the Value your Existing Car:

The trading in option can be exercised when you have decided to sell off your excising vehicle but at the same time do not want to have hassles associated with it. The car dealers, after purchasing the car, sell them after carrying out some sort of refurbishing methods, or depending upon the condition, they might auction them.

Kelly's Blue Book provides rough guidelines in determining the value of your used car, but the real value would depend on a number of factors which may or may not have been factored in these guidelines. Certified assessors of the auto dealers look at the condition of the car, and car dealers also take into account what they think the value would fetch in your area. The trade in value serves as a down payment in the purchase of your new or used car.

Size of the Car and its Relationship with Fuel Efficiency

Size of the Car and its Relationship with Fuel Efficiency:

Whether it is a new or used car, size and fuel efficiency are two important factors that have to be take into account. There is always a trade-off between the size and fuel efficiency because it is common knowledge that the larger the size of the car, the lesser the fuel efficiency is. The larger the car the more the gas it needs and it is also more expensive to maintain larger vehicles. Again the space you think you need would matter in making a decision.

If your driving needs involve commuting longer distances, it makes sense to go in for a smaller fuel efficient vehicle. Though hybrid cars are the latest additions in the market, it is possible to buy a used, fuel-efficient compact vehicle in place of an expensive hybrid car.

As the auto dealers across the country have huge inventory of new and used cars, you will not find a better time to buy one because it is only under this economic condition that a buyer's market can exist.

Create Traffic with Squidoo in Affiliate Marketing

April 18, 2021
Create Traffic with Squidoo in Affiliate Marketing

Do you Squidoo? Do you create free traffic using Squidoo lenses?

Set Godin started the Original Squid almost ten years ago. He created Yoyodyne, and for the first time introduces the idea if permission marketing online.

Yoyodine was acquired by Yahoo, Seth served as VP Direct Marketing for Yahoo for an year and since 2000 Seth Godin dedicated himself as a public speaker, an author and a blogger.

Among others, Set Godin wrote an eBook about traffic in which he introduce a term I like "deserved traffic" which is coming from content. Yes, content is the king. With the technology and software packages we have today is easy to build web pages, but we really need web pages which attract traffic. The eternal question: how do I get more traffic?

Seth Godin's advice is we need the 3 U's:




Whatever you create, a lens, a blog, a website, you are responsible for the 3 U's and this is the long term solution for getting traffic which is the same as having quality content.

Search engines have sophisticated algorithms, they change frequently without any notice to the public at large. Some people invest a lot of time, work, and energy trying to trick the search engines, it is possible to do so, but it isn't a long term solution.

What happened in July 2006 when Google decided to change the landing page algorithm to rank web sites was a lesson for all of us. It was painful for a lot of people who lost a good Google ranking over the night. Google is on a mission to build a better web, and that action was a huge step in the right direction, a loud cry for quality pages! That was the Google way to clean up the web, to make invisible pages which aren't useful, nobody update them and have information which aren't unique in nature. With other words pages without content, click here for more info.

Prior to July 2006 I used PPC (pay per click) to drive traffic, since that day of infamy I begin to explore Social Bookmark which can produce free traffic for me.
My prefferate technique is to create Squidoo lenses in which I have links to my web sites, my eBay auctions, RSS modules, Amazon modules and a lot of interaction with the pubic interested in my topics via plexo modules.

Squidoo is a platform that lets anyone build a web page (called lens) about any topic which interest you, free, and in just a few minutes. It is confusing for the beginning, but you can define a lens as your viewpoint on a topic. Lenses focus attention, drive clicks and even earn royalties. The secret is - your lens must be noticed by the public and if you have good content they will. Why, because:

They are useful

frequently updated and

contains your unique expertize, point of view.

The successful lenses are the ones which follow Seth Godin's 3 U's rules.

I heard a lot of comments about how much you have to work on your lenses to continue improve and update them. The answer is yes and no! I hope you don't expect to improve the visibility of your work doing nothing! If you use proper techniques you can create lenses with dynamic allocation.
Example, you can use:

RSS module which change content at 6 hours

Create a gallery of pictures with Flickr, all the time when you add a new picture in Flickr the change will be propagated in your lens which use that Flickr

Amazon modules

Voting using plexo modules


eBay modules which change when an item is ended or you add a new item

All of those will refresh your content daily and in top of that when you have something new to say, yes, you will update your lens content.

I am very comfortable with Squidoo lenses and the traffic I generate for my personals links I put on them: my web sites, blogs etc. I really love Squidoo lenses, I have a lot of fun doing them, but I am an open mind and I use other sources to drive traffic like Social Bookmark
I use:




Onlywise and so on.

In a nut shell, it is possible to create traffic without spending money with PPC, the content of your web sites, blogs, lenses, is the most important driving force for traffic, social bookmark is the second important technique you can use to generate free traffic, and always follow the rule of 3 U's: useful, updated, unique.

Egg Protein

April 18, 2021
Egg Protein

Many bodybuilders and weightlifters eat eggs as one method of boosting the protein intake. Egg protein can certainly help in building muscle mass but it is also loaded with vitamins and nutrients. An egg in all of its simplicity and protein is the exact reason that muscles grow and become stronger. Protein is responsible for maintaining the muscle building process and its importance should not be underestimated. Egg protein has over six grams of high quality protein and has one of the highest concentrations of protein than other foods.

There is an astonishingly high level of protein in general in the body. In fact, protein makes up the majority of the body. Knowing that level of protein is in our body the necessity to maintain those levels become clear. Adding egg protein is an excellent way to provide the body with an atmosphere that promotes muscle growth. Bodybuilders and weight lifters have to be even more diligent in their protein intake. Protein fibres are often damaged with rigorous weight training and for that reason, a higher intake of protein is required. In order to experience less down time with sore muscles and tears, adding an egg protein supplement can be the perfect solution to increasing protein intake, click here for more info.

Egg protein is plentiful in vitamins and nutrients. It contains such vitamins as Vitamin E, A, and K and even packs a punch of the elusive Vitamin B12. Riboflavin and folic acid are present as well as every essential amino acid required for muscle recovery. The ingredients in egg protein also entice valuable minerals to be created such as calcium, iron and zinc. Egg protein is the one stop shop when searching for a good supplement that affords the body all of the essential vitamins and nutrients to promote a healthy body.

There is a huge myth that has circulated around the fitness field and that is the myth that egg protein is much too fattening. It is so high with fat that egg protein will surely cause a heart attack as though eating a dozen a day. Lets dispel that myth right now. The egg white of any egg has no fat content at all. This fact makes the egg white a wonderful egg protein option. However, the egg yolk does contain some fat. The egg yolk contains roughly five grams of fat. Only 1/3 of that fat are the saturated fats and the other 2/3 are unsaturated fats that are necessary and helpful for the body. Egg protein is also one of the most easily digested supplements available and absorb well in the digestive tract.

It should be noted as well that egg protein has been blamed for the rise in cholesterol levels. This is part of the myth that was circulating the globe about the downfalls of egg protein in the diet. There is no doubt that egg protein contains cholesterol but as a rule of thumb, egg protein is not responsible for raising blood cholesterol levels. Incorporate plenty of egg protein per day especially when building muscle mass and experience the healthful effects today.

Where to Safely Store Your Garage Door Opener

April 18, 2021
Where to Safely Store Your Garage Door Opener

If you have an electric garage door opener, the most obvious place to store it is in your car, so that it is handy each time you need to use it to open and close the garage. However, as mentioned in the article What to Keep Out of Your Car keeping your garage door opener stored in your car can lead to car theft. Where are some of the safest places to store garage door openers?

Store the Garage Door Opener with Your Car Keys

Store the Garage Door Opener with Your Car Keys

If you are afraid of losing your garage door opener, store it with your car keys and keep the two together. If you are in the habit of storing your car keys in a locked filing cabinet, place the garage door opener beside it and then after you have used it to close or open your garage, place the garage door opener inside the same compartment in your handbag where your keys are stored, so that you do not spend 15 minutes trying to locate your garage door opener when you get home.

Kitchen Drawers

Each time you get home from the shops, work or from running errands, place the garage door opener in the same location, such as in the same kitchen drawer. Make sure you do not switch it around each time you get home or add a pile of papers on top of the garage door opener, as it can be lost if you do this. Choose a kitchen drawer that you use often, such as the kitchen drawer you use for your car keys or wallet, see this here.

Unlikely Locations

Unlikely Locations

To guard against the theft of your garage door opener if your home is broken into, consider storing your garage door opener in unlikely locations such as in your make-up bag, with feminine hygiene products or in your sewing kit. Burglars are likely to overlook these locations as they search obvious locations for valuables, such as inside a mattress or under the bed.

If you currently store your garage door opener in your car, you should stop as soon as possible, as you put yourself at risk if your car is broken into. Instead of storing the garage door opener in the car, consider storing it with your keys, in a kitchen drawer or in unlikely locations around the home such as in your make-up bag, with feminine hygiene products or in your sewing kit.

Adding a Favicon to Your Website

April 17, 2021
Adding a Favicon to Your Website

My first experience with Favicons came a few years ago when they first started appearing. Just a little tiny image of something related to the content of the website. Every time a new one appeared, it would remind me of how important that site was, or it caught my eye and tempted me to visit rather than clicking through one of my other bookmarked pages. Now, as a Web Developer myself, I always add these little favicons to every site I design because they are terribly important in creating brand awareness and tempting visitors to come back.

web design

A favicon is a tiny little 16x16 pixel image that represents your website. It sits up in the address bar right in front of your website's URL, and it appears in the bookmark list whenever someone bookmarks your site and wants to come back. They make your bookmark look much more appealing in the list, and give you a more professional look for visitors. And creating a favicon for your website takes only a few minutes, find more about this.

To begin, open up Microsoft Paint, or whatever image creation software you normally use. I recommend paint because these images are so small that you'll have difficulty creating something really cool, so just use a basic painting program rather than bringing out all the stops. Once in Paint, drag the bottom right hand corner up to create a small 16x16 figure (look in the bottom middle of the screen, and you should see the dimensions of your image). Now, to zoom in, hold down CTRL and click Page Down.

Once you zoom in, you'll see your workspace. It isn't much, but it will have to do. I recommend creating your favicons with bold colors, not just black and white. Try to work in branding colors or images that relate to your website. If you're running an advertising business, maybe a dollar sign is appropriate, whereas for a recipe site, I would try and create a small image of a pie. You can't make it very detailed or clear, so even a rough sketch will do fine. Click CTRL and Page Up to see your image in regular view. Make sure it looks good, and then it's time to upload it.

You need to save your image as "favicon.ico" otherwise the browser won't know what to do with the image. Then, all you need to do is upload this image to the main directory of your website, and the browser will take care of the rest.

Some free webhosts will not allow you to create your own favicon, preferring that you use theirs or none at all. If you want to ensure that you can add a favicon to your website, consider getting paid webhosting.

The Art of Retro Decorating: Combine Patterns, Textures, and Nostalgic Finds with Vintage Flair

April 16, 2021
The Art of Retro Decorating

A key factor of vintage style lies in the art of mixing of many patterns and adding a variety of textures. Creating this mix in a room without creating nausea requires a little bit of knowledge. Try these basic principles to help harmonize the ecclectic blends of vintage style. Remember to step back and look - sometimes the basic principles aren't enough.

  • Vary striped patterns within the same color scheme around the room - for example, a wide stripe on a large piece with a thinner stripe in two or more places in the room. Add checks, toile, and solids in the same colors. Then add a few touches in solid, accent colors. It is recommended to visit site where you will get the retro decorating.
  • Accent with varied textures. A crocheted throw, a long shag or fur rug, sheer curtains, and textured organza pillows all in the same color thrown around the room are welcoming touches which invite the room's inhabitants to feel and touch.
  • Don't forget the walls when applying these principles. Paint applied in wide stripes near a rug or fabric of thin stripes harmonizes and adds charm. Textured walls of fabric, paint texturizing, wallpaper coverings, and wall hangings with texture accent, add interest, and allure.
  • Pair colors and patterns together. For example deep-plum (almost black) checks and toile in a room with solid, dusty, rose fabric and a dusty, rose toile. Then add a bright accent like an ochre shade, a red rug, or a violet lamp.
  • Do not confine an eye-catching pattern to one spot in the room - move it around. An overbearing floral curtain can be broken up by adding floral plates to a wall and floral cusions on a bench; or, add a large, floral painting across from the curtains.
  • Apply attention getting fabrics to smaller items and accessories. A black and white, red and white, or bright yellow can be on a pillow, lampshade, or vase as attention getting accents.
  • Add sparkling textures to accent: sequin pillows, beaded clutch purses, beaded lamps, and chandeliers. Try sparkle spray on sheer fabrics like curtains and pillows.
  • Combine flowered prints with the same 'pallette' of colors. Throw in a solid that picks up one of the common, yet less emphasized colors, among the different fabrics in a different texture like velvet, rayon silk, sequin, or beaded.
  • Bring swatches of rooms' premiere fabrics and colors when garage saling, shopping, or hunting online for particular items and when stumbling upon bolts of ribbon at the craft store even though the errand was for glue.
  • Use an object as a repeated pattern like old cases (vary the sized from brief cases to suitcases on up to old steamer trunks) or various single blooms in a variety of glass bud vases. Just remember to move them about the room. A collection in one area and another here and there is a good example. When the eye becomes familiar with the object, the whole room is enveloped in a welcoming familiarity, nostalgic and vintage style, inviting one in to slip off shoes, nestle in, and enjoy a bit of oneself. That is what vintage style is really about. The style that welcomes a look, being noticed, even perusing and being loved. (The velveteen rabbit was certainly vintage!)

Ideas of Vintage Style Items and Collections to Display as a Repeated Pattern

Ideas of Vintage Style Items and Collections to Display as a Repeated Pattern

  • teapots
  • quilts
  • stacks of books
  • plates
  • wooden crates
  • orchids
  • dried flower bunches with ribbon

Artistic Video Editing

April 14, 2021
Artistic Video Editing

The vignette is a noteworthy artistic effect that creates a decorative border within the edges of the frame. Although the vignette is commonly used as an effect in editing, it is also the result of camera limitation. A camera lens, which is circular, is forced to produce rectangular images that span its circumference, fading the color near the corners where the light can't reach. Here you find more article on Movavi Video Editor and can learn many effective tricks.

To create a vignette effect:

To create a vignette effect

1. Create New Item in Asset Bin toolbar, then select Color Matte. Choose the settings that match your video (resolution and fps from the New Session lesson). Then, click OK.

2. Choose the color for the vignette, then click OK. Type in a name for your vignette, then click OK. The title for your vignette will then appear in the Asset Bin.

3. Click and drag the vignette onto the timeline, but make sure to place the vignette on top of the video in the timeline so that the video can show through the vignette.

4. Lower the opacity in the Effects Control panel so you can see the the video a little bit.

5. Then, in the Effects List, choose a shape (in this example, a circle) from the Video Effects drop-down menu and drag it onto the vignette effect in the timeline. A circle will appear will appear on top of your video.

6. Choose the color for the circular vignette in the Color Picker under the Effects Control panel.

7. Then in the same panel, click the Invert box to flip the vignette to a small, circular cut-out of your video with the rest darkened.

8. Expand the radius of the circle in the Effects Control panel by dragging the the marker to the right until the vignette is to your liking.

9. Soften the hard edges by selecting the Feather drop-down in the same panel. Drag to the right to blend the edges of the vignette into the video.

Besides having artistic style, vignetting brings the main focal points of an image or video more into focus by blocking out the corners. If you are trying to take photographs like a professional photographer then you can edit your photos with this effect. You can also do this with your videos. Now a days, people not only take pictures with their smart phones, they also capture videos, so knowing how to beautify your videos will definitely help you.


For any inquiries please email