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Time Teaching Watches

When the “time” comes for a young child to learn how to read the exact hour and minute from a clock or watch, many teachers struggle to find the right kind of tools for the lessons. However, time teaching watches are great solutions for teachers and parents who wish to help their kids learn how…

Great Looking Garage Sales: Attractive Merchandising Stimulates Sales

You can put similar items in one area with a sign saying “Books $1”, but sometimes this creates more work than it saves. Does the sign mean ALL books, or just the books near the sign? If you have more valuable books in addition to a $1 a book table, you are leaving yourself open…

Comparison of Chocolate Protein Powders for Gastric Bypass Patients

Gastric bypass patients are usually advised to supplement their diets with protein shakes, at least in the early days after their operations. There is a wide range of protein powders available in all kinds of flavors, but chocolate is a favorite of many. I’ve sampled a number of different brands of chocolate protein powders and…

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Time Teaching Watches

June 9, 2021
Time Teaching Watches

When the "time" comes for a young child to learn how to read the exact hour and minute from a clock or watch, many teachers struggle to find the right kind of tools for the lessons. However, time teaching watches are great solutions for teachers and parents who wish to help their kids learn how to tell time with a lot of joy and fun. These watches feature imaginative designs that catch a young kid's eyes and make them more eager to learn. They are often packaged with activity books and detailed instructions on how to utilize the watch to its fullest extent.

teaching watches

Unlike classroom tools, these time teaching watches can be carried out of the classroom and used by a child 24 hours a day. After the child learns certain skills regarding the watch, they can wear it outside and at home. The watch can also be utilized in conjunction with challenging fill-in-the-blank worksheets. The time-related games, word puzzles and questions are created to reinforce the child's growing understanding of how the mechanical device on her wrist corresponds to certain important events in her life.

Time teaching watches can be given out as prizes at school raffles or as unique party-favor gifts at a children's birthday celebration. Because it is educational in nature, most parents would be thrilled to have a time teaching watch given to their young child. Plus, many of the educational supply sources that sell them donate a certain percentage of the retail sale to important educational and wildlife conservation groups.

Employing Time Teaching Watches as Money Raising Tools

Many schools and church organizations have chosen to use time teaching watches as interesting fundraising alternatives. All they have to do is purchase a number of these watches from an educational supply source at wholesale prices and resell them to neighbors at a higher rate. The initial investment cost is paid back in full, and the group can use the extra money towards any number of fun or important projects for the coming year. The children themselves can get into the fundraising game, and even be rewarded with their very own watch once they sell a certain number of them.

Piaget Watches

The appeal of Piaget watches lays in their stunning beauty, which comes from the use of only the finest materials for their crafting. Piaget is known as the maker of watches that are jewelry pieces, fine enough to wear just as you would a bracelet or necklace. The emphasis on the beauty of these pieces almost overshadows the fact that they are precisely engineered instruments made with high-quality components.

Piaget Watches are Timeless

In their men's and ladies' collections, Piaget has designed watches that are timeless, meant to be just as beautiful in the future as they are today. Solid gold components and the use of diamonds as accents give these watches a substantial look and feel that will never go out of style. Designs range from the ornate to the simple, the youthful to the mature.

Piaget Watches are Timeless

With such universal appeal, it is no wonder that Piaget watches are one of the most popular designer watches in the world. There is a Piaget for everyone, including the youth market. Miss Protocole is a fine example of elegance that is both beautifully designed and fun. The vibrant blue available on the men's Protocole is a surprising and delightful contrast to the sparkle of diamonds surrounding the dial.

Piaget watches meld form and function with style, making them the ideal watches for anyone who wants a timepiece with personality that is also finely made. Piaget is the world leader in jewelry and dress watches, whose current styles rest on a tradition of beauty and craftsmanship that has few rivals. Piaget says to the world that you have an eye for exceptional quality while exhibiting your good taste.

Great Looking Garage Sales: Attractive Merchandising Stimulates Sales

June 8, 2021
Attractive Merchandising Stimulates Sales

You can put similar items in one area with a sign saying “Books $1”, but sometimes this creates more work than it saves. Does the sign mean ALL books, or just the books near the sign? If you have more valuable books in addition to a $1 a book table, you are leaving yourself open to confusion, lost sales, and potential arguments. Plus, it’s a given that an unscrupulous shopper will wait until you’re on a bathroom break to hand the temporary cashier a buck for the early edition “The Bell Jar” that you reasonably hoped would bring $8.

This is true also for the “Anything on This table $1” sign. You’ll end up accidentally selling more valuable items for less money, spend much of the day removing the more expensive items, or arguing or apologizing to customers. And the bottom line is that the bottom line is pretty low. If having a sale is nothing but hassle and unpleasantness, it’s not really worth doing, as there are more efficient ways to make your fortune than $5 at a time.

Merchandising for Convenient Shopping

Merchandising for Convenient Shopping

If everyone had a great imagination, there would be no jobs for architects and designers, and no customers for those light up Christmas ties. Fortunately for garage sale hosts, such customers exist. Make it easy for them. Group similar objects together. Have a kitchenware table, a crafts table, a linens table, etc. For sheet sets, roll the top sheet, bottom sheet and pillow cases together, wrap a strip of masking tape completely around the bundle, and mark the tape strip with appropriate description, which might be “queen size set $10”. If your customer needs a set of queen sized sheets, they’re more apt to buy the set for a few more dollars than dig around through a pile of crumpled sheets looking for a complete set in the required size. Click here to learn more about garage sales.

Dirt VS Patina

Your items will sell more quickly when your customers can visualize how they might look or work in their own homes. This means that unless your customer is not very neat, your items should be free of grease, grime, dirt, and stains. Do not confuse dirt with patina, and understand that if you have something old that might be valuable, do some research before you scrub the value off.

Attractive Merchandising Stimulates Sales


Group everything with an electrical cord together, and provide an accessible outlet so customers can see for themselves if the appliance works. If you’re a selling a VCR that works fine, write that on the price tag. If it does everything but rewind, write that. Understand that even things that work perfectly are not always valuable. Old technology almost never is. You won’t get much for an old computer no matter how much it cost when it was new.

People will happily buy coffee makers, toasters, microwaves etc, especially at the end of the summer when college kids are moving into their first apartments. They probably won’t want old meat grinders or electric carving knives. Blenders, yes! Yes also to newer toaster ovens, irons, electric fry pans & fondue sets, crock pots. While there might be buyers for electric breadmakers, bulky food processors, and 40 year stand mixers, there aren’t a lot of them, and they won’t pay much. Once they’re gone however, you’ll have more room for your new garage sale stuff.

Comparison of Chocolate Protein Powders for Gastric Bypass Patients

June 7, 2021
Chocolate Protein Powders

Gastric bypass patients are usually advised to supplement their diets with protein shakes, at least in the early days after their operations. There is a wide range of protein powders available in all kinds of flavors, but chocolate is a favorite of many. I've sampled a number of different brands of chocolate protein powders and would like to share my thoughts about those with you.

BSN Lean Dessert Chocolate Fudge Pudding Protein Powder

The BSN Lean Dessert chocolate fudge pudding protein powder offers a rich, creamy shake, even if you mix it with water instead of milk. Many gastric bypass patients and others hoping to lose weight prefer shakes that taste good mixed with water, because they get fewer calories and less sugar that way. This one mixes easily, too, when added to a bottle of water and shaken, so you don't have to drag out your blender. One serving provides 21 grams of protein, along with 150 calories and two grams of sugar, Visit our site for effective information on protein now.

Celebrate Bariatric Supplements Essential Nutrient System (ENS) Chocolate Milk

Celebrate Bariatric Supplements chocolate milk flavor ENS tastes just like chocolate milk. It's unique among chocolate protein powders for a couple of reasons, though. In addition to providing 25 grams of protein, one serving provides the equivalent of one multivitamin and 500 mg calcium citrate (the form of calcium recommended by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery for gastric bypass patients). Each serving also provides 150 calories and four grams of sugar. I will add, though, that I prefer mixing ENS protein shakes with milk instead of water, which does provide additional calories.

Chike Chocolate Bliss Protein Powder

Chike chocolate bliss protein powder provides 28 grams of protein, 190 calories and three grams of sugar in a two-scoop serving. It also contains a number of vitamins and minerals, making it suitable for a meal replacement shake. It's another protein powder that I prefer mixed in milk and I usually only use one scoop instead of two per protein shake. I think it mixes best in a blender.

Syntrax Nectar Chocolate Truffle Protein Powder

Syntrax Nectar chocolate truffle protein powder is a sweet, chocolaty protein shake with only 90 calories and no sugar or carbohydrates. It's also lactose-free, which is helpful because some gastric bypass patients develop lactose intolerance. As with most protein powders, I like it best when mixed with milk, but soy milk also works well for those that can't tolerate the real thing. I like this brand because it mixes easily in a blender bottle so I don't need to drag out my blender.

Unjury Chocolate Classic Protein Powder

Unjury chocolate classic protein powder is another that tastes a lot like chocolate milk. It's also notable for mixing very well into hot beverages, including hot chocolate and hot coffee drinks. It contains 100 calories, two grams of sugar and 20 grams of protein. It works well in water as well as in milk or soy milk.


Bariatric Nutrition. Suggestions for the Surgical Weight Loss Patient.

Thinner Times. Gastric Bypass Consequences.

BSN Lean Dessert Protein. Protein Shake.

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Syntrax Nectar. Nectar Sweets. Unjury. Chocolate Classic.

Hoodies Can Be Worn All Year Round

June 5, 2021
Hoodies Can Be Worn All Year Round

Wardrobes change as the seasons do, but one article of clothing that can be worn throughout every season is a hoodie. Although hoodies have become more popular in recent years, believe it or not, they actually date back to the middle ages. The modern style of the hoodie that we've come to know and love was first produced by Champion in the 1930's, but they didn't really become popular until the 1970's thanks to factors such as hip hop artist wearing them.

Hoodies are great because they come in all styles, colors, and designs. They're versatile because they're made with a variety of materials, making some thick like a sweat shirt for colder weather, or thin for milder weather. Some thinner style hoodies are even made sleeveless. Pull over hoodies are usually made with the thicker material and often worn during the fall and winter seasons.

sweat shirt for colder weather

Zip-up hoodies are usually made with lighter material, and can be worn during the spring and during the breezy summer days. Both styles are extremely popular to wear among teens and young adults because they can be worn instead of or along with a coat.

A hoodie is global article of clothing that has no race attached to it and is also cool for all ages to wear; something you can't say about most clothes. Adults usually wear them for exercising, because two piece exercise gear typically comes with a hoodie and a bottom piece. Kids love them too, partly because many hoodies designed for kids come with cartoon characters on them. Parents love them because you can also purchase the already warm winter hoodies with thermal insulation, which really blocks out the cold. If you catch a sale at your local K-Mart, the thermal insulated style can sell for as low as $15. You can find hoodies basically anywhere clothing is sold, Available here. Most retail stores like Wal-Mart, Old Navy, and Footlocker usually keep each style of hoodies, thick or thin, in their stores throughout the year.

buying hoodies throughout

Consumers are better off buying hoodies throughout the opposing seasons for better bargains. For instance, thicker hoodies are usually marked down cheaper in the summer seasons because stores have to make way for the cooler inventory of clothing. Vice versa, the thinner style hoodies are usually evacuating store shelves during the fall and winter seasons to make room for the warmer style of clothing. If you wait until the cold weather hits to buy a pullover hoodie or a zip -up thermal insulated one, chances are the price has gone up.

Commercial Cloud Computing Implementations

June 4, 2021
Commercial Cloud Computing Implementations

From a commercial perspective the cloud computing service provider; such as a web hosting service, will need to meet some very demanding and widely varied metrics requirements including Quality-of-Service (QoS) that will need specific and custom service level agreements (SLAs) far different to the majority of those we have seen in the past.

Open Standards - In these regards open standards (don’t forget that the Internet owes its success to being an open standard) and open source software have a lot to offer and may well prove to be the critical factors in the successful growth and deployment scenarios for the cloud computing world in the years ahead, authentic website:

Reduced Capital Expenditure

Reduced Capital Expenditure

Because customers of cloud computing service providers are not burdened with the fiscal outlays; that would normally accompany the rollout of new information technologies and their supporting infrastructure, they can budget their costs as a consumable service utility. This means that they will pay for what they use in very much the same way as we pay for other utilities such as water, power and gas etc. There is also no need to overspend in order to make provision for peak and seasonal demands.

This is an area which costs business considerably as a recent Forester research report has shown that most companies use only 10% of their computing resources 95% of the time with public holidays and the Christmas period being the exceptions to standard usage patterns. With many businesses so reliant on this peak trade to ensure year-long viability they have no choice but to plan for the exception rather than the rule. “Make hay while the sun shines” is the modus operandi behind this type of strategy.

Utility and Subscription Billing Models

It is no surprise to find that many cloud computing offerings have indeed adopted the utility model and have tailored their services and billing structures accordingly. Yet another variation on this theme is the subscription model which charges customers on a subscription basis.

Both models have the own structural strengths and weaknesses and will probably co-exist side-by-side rather than directly compete head-to-head as it were. This latter prospect is given weight by the fact that some of the largest players in the cloud computing service provider game (Microsoft, IBM, HP, Google, Yahoo and do in fact offer both billing structures to their clients.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Improved Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

The sharing of computing resources among multiple “tenants” is one of the easiest strategies to implement; in order to deliver greatly improved asset and resources utilization rates. This means that servers do what they were designed and built to do; that is to serve and have very little idle time. More bangs for your processing buck.

The resultant and significant savings in facility running costs are augmented by improvements in the speed of application development. Because customers do not have to engineer for peak loads dramatic improvements in computer capacity can be readily delivered.

Increased High-Speed Bandwidth

The central technologies that are making all this distributed centralized cloud computing a realistic and viable choice and hence its rapid uptake by business and consumers alike are the networking technologies that have recently delivered massive increases and capabilities at relatively minimal fiscal investments.

Improvements in fiber optic transmission media and 10 Gigabit Ethernet in combination deliver ultra high-speed bandwidth capabilities that make it possible to receive the same degree of agility and rapid response times from centralized infrastructure at all geographically dispersed sites.

It no longer matters which distributed centralized facility you connect with. The service response and delivery will be of the same high speed standard anywhere and everywhere. Nor does it matter from which of a client’s facilities the cloud computing services are accessed from.

This latter point seems to have had the most influence since branch offices can now have head office transmission and processing capabilities and performance. A fact not lost on the corporate world.

Cloud Computing Providers

Players in the cloud computing service provision game include the likes of Amazon, Google, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP and Yahoo!

Cloud Computing Users

Cloud Computing Users

Some of the early adopters of cloud computing services include individuals and small organizations through to very large conglomerates such as: General Electric, L'Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Valeo and the WWE.

It must be noted that traditional ISPs are not dragging the chain and are getting in on the cloud computing service provision industry in a big way. Tier 1 ISPs do after all have a huge advantage in that they already have, own or have peering agreements in place concerning the Internet backbone and IP Transit arrangements other would-be players will need to negotiate.

As already noted web hosting services are a major component of current cloud computing implementations and will undoubtedly grow exponentially as Web 2.0 and all its additional user capabilities become the true de facto standard for the Internet and websites in particular.

Which Image Format is Best For Web

June 3, 2021
Which Image Format is Best For Web

Images play an important role in making your website lively and are basic part of web. Images are important aspect in any website's performance, so you need image optimization / compression for better performance of your webpage.Check here the advantages and disadvantages associated with GIF, PNG and JPEG formats.

Images play an important role in making your website lively and are basic part of web. Images are important aspect in any website's performance, so you need image optimization /compression for better performance of your webpage. If you have large size images on your page then it's going to take much time to load your page and user will definitely lose interest in such pages.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) or JPG

You can optimize your web pages by choosing right image format. The image formats commonly being used on web are JPEG, PNG and GIF format. Using any of these formats comes with its advantages and disadvantages. So there is a need to understand these formats before making a decision to use a particular format.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) or JPG- It is a result of lossy compression technique as it reduces the size image by discarding details which are hard to notice by human eye. JPEG supports 16 million colors and therefore are better for images such as digital photographs and sceneries. But this format is not good for drawings (Drawings with straight lines and block diagrams), Clip arts and text based images. The level of compression determines the end file size. JPEG allows you to vary the degree of lossiness. If you want a very small file size, but can put up with a slightly poor quality image, you can set parameters accordingly.

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)-This format of compressed image is saved using lossless compression technique, which means that you can restore an exact copy of the original. As GIF format supports only 256 colors so it doesn't go well with Photos and sceneries. But its good for drawings, Logos and text based images. Thumbnails and clip art can be created using GIFs

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)- This format also useslossless compression technique as GIFs. Basically this is the replacement of GIF that doesn’t require patent license. PNG supports RGB/true color, Indexed colors and grayscale images. This format is basically for web and not for printing. The size depends on bit depth, total number of bits per pixel. PNG provides wider range of transparency than GIF but PNG is not supported in very old browsers and software.

The final call for a particular format depends on your requirements. While GIF and PNG are good for drawings, Clip Arts, Logos and text based images, JPEG is good for digital photographs and sceneries.

Business IT Support Accomplishing Targets with Managed IT Services

June 2, 2021
Business IT Support Accomplishing Targets with Managed IT Services

Make sure that you have chosen the right IT support and services for the proper functioning of your company. These IT services will help you achieve your business targets with optimised performance.

IT support has become a fulcrum of every business unit today. Timely IT support and services are vital for the smooth functioning of a business. If there is no proper IT support in a company, it can have a big impact on its performance. So, choosing the best IT support is really important for achieving success. If you talk about any successful company in Australia, you will learn that technology is a crucial factor for that accomplished growth. Hiring the right resources elevates the growth graph of any company. Following points will help you choose the right business IT support in Sydney:



If you think only installing IT solutions would be enough, think again. Creating IT awareness among your company employees is must for enhancing efficiency. Whenever you sign an IT support deal, make sure that the service provider provides training as well. The firm whom you are trusting should train your employees on the management of systems.

Growth Needs

Check with your service provider whether it is providing the services as you want or not. Managed IT services Sydney is really difficult to find. So, make sure you have chosen the right service provider that will also help your company to expand and grow. These services should be developed in such manner that they comply with the changing needs of your company. There are some companies that provide you with regular feedback for accessing technology in the right manner and also let you know about the improvements that can be beneficial.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance is a crucial to keep a check on your system's performance. A reliable service providing company will provide you with continuos assistance to keep your systems maintained. The advisor will always be there to keep a check on your systems.

Inspection And Continuous Support

Inspection And Continuous Support

Even the most advanced systems can have issues that might require IT support. Make sure that your service provider is responding you within the response time it has mentioned in the deal. Ensure that there are help desks that facilitate you with proper solutions at the workplace. Make sure that your service provider is efficiently working for the better functioning of your company.

There are numerous companies that provide IT support along with web hosting services Sydney so that you can get all your queries sorted at a single destination without having the need of hiring different resources for different purposes.

How to Play College Football

June 2, 2021
How to Play College Football

Play Football in College

If you are a high school football player then you may be trying to learn how to play college football and get recruited. Getting recruited to play football in college can sometimes be a difficult task. There are several different reasons as to why this is true. One of the problems with getting recruited to play college football is that there are not a lot of college showcased tournaments fort high school football players. For this reason there are several different things that you can do if you want to play college football. The following tips will allow you to increase your chances of becoming a college football player. Learning how to play college football is easy if you just follow these steps. If you do not follow these steps then learning how to play college football will be very difficult.

Play Football in College

Tip #1- Create a Highlight Reel

If you want to learn how to play college football then this is probably the most important tip that anyone will ever give you. It is extremely important for you to create a highlight reel of you playing for your high school football team. By doing this you will have some video of you playing that you can send to college football coaches. If we do not create a highlight reel it will be very difficult for college football coaches to know how good you are. The reason for this is that most college coaches will not be willing to come and watch you play in a high school football game. If you want to learn how to play college football then you must understand the importance of having a highlight reel, Additional resources.

Tip #2- Contact College Football Coaches

Many high school football players make the mistake of thinking that college football coaches are going to come to them. The fact of the matter is that no college football coach is going to come to you unless they know that you are interested in their program. For this reason, you need to create a letter that you are going to send to college football coaches that you are interested in playing for. This is one of the most important things to realize when learning how to play college football. Either way, contacting college football coaches is the most important part of learning how to play college football.

Tip #3- Get Cleared With The NCAA Clearing House

If you want to learn how to play football in college then it is extremely important for you to understand the importance of getting cleared with the NCAA Clearing House. If you do not get cleared with the NCAA clearing house then it will be virtually impossible for you to play football in college. Believe it or not, you will not even be eligible to play football in college if you do not get cleared with the NCAA clearing house. Hopefully this guide has successfully given you a way to learn how to play college football! Just remember, learning how to play college football is the first part of the process, getting recruited is the next!

Decorating with Moroccan Furniture

May 30, 2021
Decorating with Moroccan Furniture

Decorating with Moroccan Furniture creates an environment of magic and exoticness. The beautiful uniqueness of the carved lines, rich wood and vibrant colors used to create the look that Moroccan Furniture has is quite exciting.

There are several companies that export fine Moroccan Furniture making the products authentic and well made by local talented artisans. Whether looking for Living Room Moroccan Furniture or Bedroom Moroccan Furniture, the selection is vast and the quality is excellent, see this here.

Moroccan Furniture

Moroccan Furniture sports a design indicative of the region. In the case of Moroccan Beds some of the beds are made of rich wood where others made be made from decorative ironworks. One such elaborate bed is the Moroccan Iron Palace Bed, which is handmade in Taza. The bed is crated with the design of Moorish wrought iron all around the frame of the bed. Sporting an antique black finish the large stunning bed retails for $1400.00 from Just Morocco.

If interested in the Moroccan Furniture that is more of the rich wooden finish the Touareg Bed is the perfect example of a Moorish designed bed with unique African carvings throughout. This particular bed retails for approximately $3500.00 also from Just Morocco.

Moroccan Furniture tends to have lots of embellishments and so it is with their unique wooden tables. An excellent example of a beautifully embellished Moroccan Accent Table is the Zouak Painted Square Table available from Nine Seas Décor. The beautifully carved table is hand painted with geometric designs and displays the ethnic artisans Mosharabi woodwork. The table measures approximately 20" long x 20" high and 20 inches wide. Available in red tones the beautiful piece of Moroccan Furniture retails for $179.00.

If looking for other categories of Moroccan Furniture such as Chairs, Stools, Divans, Chests, Mirrors or Cabinets, there is a wide selection of beautifully made furniture. The Painted Wood Mirrors from Wunderley are beautiful accent pieces to add to one's décor. One of the prettiest pieces of Morrocan Furniture from among the accent pieces is the Painted Mirror with Storage Compartment. The design of the mirror is unusual as are the embellishments. The storage compartment below the base of the mirror adds to the mystery of the Moroccan influence of the mirror. The retail price for this well-made mirror is $275.00.

There are several sources for obtaining authentic exported Moroccan Furniture. Several such contacts for Moroccan Furniture include Just Morocco, Moroccan Caravan, Nine Seas Décor, Wunderley and many others. For more information on authentic Moroccan Furniture visit the abovementioned Web sites today.

How to Design an Interior Bath

May 28, 2021
How to Design an Interior Bath

Bathrooms are an integral component of any house and possess the potential to offer a relaxing, tranquil getaway within your own home. So important is a bath's design that it is often involved in remodeling plans. According to, nearly 30 percent of the 121 million people who recently completed a home-improvement project were involved in a bathroom remodel. Designing a bath interior, however, can be quite challenging, as there are numerous designs from which to choose and innovative ways to implement style in functionality. Design your own luxurious retreat, but keep the essential elements in mind.

Things You'll Need

Things You'll Need

Toilet area

Vanity area

Bath area

Closet area

Laundry area

Step 1

Design the toilet area by deciding if you would like an open toilet area or an enclosed one that offers more privacy, like a personal stall. Consider installing a urinal for men or adding a pedestal sink directly beside the toilet for convenience. Select corresponding rugs, potpourri and bathroom décor pieces to create a tropical theme, French toilette theme or country home theme.

Step 2

Design the vanity area by selecting a vanity sink style, such as a pedestal sink or a his and hers vanity area. Consider marble or granite countertops for the ultimate luxury, and contemplate the type of lighting you would like to create for your setting as well. Adjustable lighting is favorable as it allows you to customize the lighting to suit your tastes.

Step 3

Design the bath area by deciding if you would like a standard bathtub, a shower or both. Splurge on extravagance with a jetted Jacuzzi bath in which to relax your aching muscles. Create a romantic, elegant atmosphere by surrounding a bathtub with mirrors and shelves adorned with aroma therapeutic candles.

Interior Bath

Step 4

Design a laundry area for extra convenience. Simply toss your dirty clothes within the conveniently located laundry, where you may easily wash them for the next wear. Enclose the laundry area in a separate room, though, and accessible from the rest of the house, too.

Step 5

Design a closet area for another added convenience. Rather than having to traipse through the house in a robe or towel, simply slip directly into the closet to select your clothing. Provide a full-length dressing mirror by enclosing the closet with mirrored sliding doors that not only do not consume space but serve a practical purpose as well.


Remember to implement handicap capabilities, such as support grips, into your design if necessary.

Warnings Beware of violating building codes when designing any room of a home; always consult the building codes and restrictions for your area of residency.


For any inquiries please email